How I Won the War With Acne

Did you know that as of 2017, 60 million Americans struggle with the same common disease?   Out of those 60 million, according to surveys, 57 million battle self-esteem and depression, all from the same troublesome condition.  This staggering numbers hit home with me.  Why?  Because I have been one of those 60 million searching for […]


So, want something delicious to eat Saturday morning? This is your post for the weekend, but I did it tonight, since it is technically for Saturday or Sunday breakfast. You’ll need: a piece of bread, butter, an egg, bacon, and cheese. Tear a round circle hole in the middle of the bread, and put butter […]

Little Miss Mockingbird

Little Miss Mockingbird. A little daily visitor out to the West barbed wire fence on the property. She’s a pretty lil thing, flying from fence to fence. Every time she flies an irregular pattern. Skipping a fence here, choosing a fence to land on there. Just enjoying the world. Singin’ her little heart out. I […]