To-Die-For Grilled Onions

BarbQ Chicken & Onions

Howdy ya’ll! What you up to?

Lazy time out here at ‘Boy Howdy’. Cowboy Joe started filming Lassoing Extreme, his short film on trick roping & stunts. I’m not sure how much he & Cowgirl Sis got accomplished. I haven’t read his update, as of yet, so I don’t want to contradict him (haha!) but I heard stories that rival tall tales about how well it went. NOT. Oh well, maybe better luck tomorrow. Keep looking for it though! It’s up and coming! Cowboy Joe gets better every time.

Splash in the Boy Howdy backyard lake (aka our 56-tons of water called the pool).

And Hub City Girl put together an over-the-top dinner that will satisfy 4 hunky, TX size fellows who have been bodybuilding out on the property all day.

Farm boys and cowboys work out at the gym daily. The gym’s right outside haha. Plenty of work, lots to load & lift. They’re liftin all day. So, all you gals out there, keep a good lookout, because next time you spy that cute country boy who swaggers around in his boots and has an acceeeunt thick as gravy, he’s pretty much the proud owner of a stunnin 6-pack. Bet your boots he is!

Oh bet somethin of your own! (That’s Cowgirl Sis, lookin over my shoulder.  Go away, Cowgirl Sis.)

And as Josh announced yesterday. I was talkin ’bout somethin that bothered me very much, that’s like a burr that sticks to a saddle, and this was his advice.

‘Ya’ll just have to realize, life is about food.’


Josh doesn’t say much, but when he does, he says somethin.

Josh is lookin for a Rachael Ray.   Boy howdy, the gal just has to be able to cook!

So…Josh can grill, and then he can grill. The chicken was juicy and falling off the bone.

I perched on a lawn chair and let the cool breeze drift over my wet body. Kinda like your grandma drying her clothes on the line. Okay, whatever.

The smell of juicy onions and barbQ chicken drifted all the way to the barn & corrals closest to the house. Ahhhhh! Temptation. Itself!

If a crew was working in the barn at that moment, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t need a dinner bell to call them in.

The enticing smell of BarbQ would bring them.

Little Miss Mockingbird made her daily visit to the West barbed wire fence.

There was absolute wonderful silence.

That’s what happens when you live out on our property.

There are moments that are wild with wind and wild with dust (like last Friday).


(1935, anyone?)

And moments of absolute beautiful loneliness.


Oh take me back to the lone prairie…where the wind blows free.


Super, deleeeescous way of cooking your grilled onions. Boy howdy, everyone will rave! And what matters most. It’s EASY-GREASY! (that’s why I like them anyway)
They’re to-die-for.

Well, not really, but you get the idea. 🙂

You see, Hub City Girl is not a fan of onions, period. I know, it’s a cryin shame. But I’m a cryin’ baby by the time I’m finished with them, haha. Anyone out there like me?  Or am I the only one?

So here’s how you make em.

Just half your onions (however many works for you, when I’m cooking for the crew we can do up to 10) and cut into slices. Spread out some foil and lay your onions on top. Sprinkle olive oil over onions. Use the foil sides (this is called the Foil Trick) to help toss the oil in with the onions, so that you coat the onions. Then sprinkle some paprika and garlic powder over the top. Toss to coat using Foil Trick again. Then add some more paprika and garlic powder. Toss again. (Fold up onions in the foil & refrigerate until ready.)  Grill with BarbQ chicken. (Josh’s trick: Cover chicken with onions to add even more flavor.)

And Yeehaw!  You have got a buckle-winnin dinner all the folks will talk about all the way down the trail!!

Will be postin pics of our early mornin Memorial Day breakfast, cooked special on the land.  There’s nothin that beats cookin over open fire.  NOTHIN.  Our cookie was Jon….and Josh.

The cookie??

Ya, the cook.

Okay I should have just said that in the first place.   Cookie can get mighty confusin.  😉

Wahl, ya’ll know….the dude who stays back at the chuck wagon on the cattle drive and cooks the food. 

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As Jon would say, Hope you’re having a mucho wonderful day!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

Happy trails to ya’ll!

Hub City Girl 🙂

12 thoughts on “To-Die-For Grilled Onions

    • You’re so welcome! Come back and visit for more tasty, quick ‘n easy recipes (that’s the way we like ’em round here!) 🙂 Hub City Girl 🙂


    • I know, right? Typical dust storm round here. Dust all over windowsills, counters, the mantel, furniture, it gets in the house. That’s what happens when you’re surrounded by farmer’s fields. 🙂 Thanks for the comment & have a mucho wonderful day! Visit often! Hub City Girl 🙂


    • By dubya, you’re right, Jennifer! There she is, the little Miss!! I didn’t see her in that pic until just now when I read your comment. (I took that one about a week ago.) Thanks for commenting and come back & visit often. ♥ Hub City Girl 🙂


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