The Right Thing, Taking a Stand

He quickly hides the pack of gum that, just seconds before, he had taken, without permission, from his mom’s desk. She walks by, and then slowly backtracks. “John, have you seen my pack of gum?” “No Mom, where did you leave it last?”-John lies. His mom tries and tries to think of where she left it. Finally, she just shrugs her shoulders, and walks on living her life, without ever knowing that John just got on the wrong track

It was such a simple wrong doing. A pack of gum? I mean, it is really not that BIG of a deal. Is it? The problem is, number 1, it was wrong. John stole a pack of gum, and then lied to his mother. Such a simple wrong doing will always lead to bigger things. Now, if John would have just confessed to his mother that he stole that pack of gum, he would be punished, and then forgiven. But he didn’t. He let a small pack of gum get into the way of telling the truth. He did a wrong thing. And this simple mistake, will trap him into making larger, and more costly mistakes in the future. This is an example to learn from.

Humans will make mistakes. They will do wrong. It is part of our nature. However, when we do something wrong, we need to confess it. When we do this, our conscience is clear. We will have a feeling of not wanting to do it again. It feels wonderful to be forgiven. Like a heavy weight is lifted off of your body. You aren’t being compressed anymore.

People, don’t let this trap you. Don’t let pride or fear get into your way of confessing. There is no reason to live your life under the bondage of wrong doings on your mind. Just let it out. Stand firm. Keep your feet planted. Don’t move from the right thing to do.

As someone says, “Do the right thing – even when no one is looking.” This is so true.

Take a stand. Fight for the right thing. Don’t get discouraged. But always, ALWAYS, do the right thing. You will be rewarded. Don’t let your faith in God falter, hold strong to it. Pray, look to Him. He will give you the strength you need. Stand firm.

God Bless,
Cowboy Joe

2 thoughts on “The Right Thing, Taking a Stand

    • Yes ma’am, it is very hard to fathom. But I am thankful that He did die for all of us, so we can live forever in heaven. And thank you 🙂 God Bless you 🙂


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