So, want something delicious to eat Saturday morning? This is your post for the weekend, but I did it tonight, since it is technically for Saturday or Sunday breakfast. You’ll need: a piece of bread, butter, an egg, bacon, and cheese.



Tear a round circle hole in the middle of the bread, and put butter around the whole.


Turn your “bread griller” on to 350 degrees.


Let it heat up, then lay the piece of bread with butter on top. Crack an egg in the middle of the hole.


Then, grate a layer of cheese on top of that. Next, layer the cheese with bacon, until the cheese is no longer visible.


Put the top part of the griller down and wait.


After you feel like that top side is cooked, and the egg can hold itself together, flip the piece of bread, and put some butter on the bottom, with more cheese.


Let this cook until you feel that the egg is cooked through, and that the bacon is done. Then, take a fork, and bite into deliciousness.



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