Biscuits ‘N Gravy, It’s One Fine Mornin!!

Boy howdy, it’s a gorgeous day out there.

Howdy ya’ll here from Boy Howdy!!

I have the windows open, the fresh breeze is blowing gently. Drifting through the kitchen. From the back hallway windows. There’s nothin’ like the fresh still wind blowing out on a vast expanse of nowhere.  Silently, but ever there.


Or the blue dome of a beautiful West TX Sky!

And the crackling plains grass, scorched by the sun, blown by the persistent wind.

It’s spring! It’s spring! sings lil Miss Mockingbird from her perch on the West barbed wire fence.  Or perhaps that’s the song in my lil ole Southern happy heart.  And one all ya’ll are welcome to sing with me.

Biscuits ‘n gravy for breakfast.  That’s called good ole TX grub for you.

And don’t squint and say “huh?” like the dear sweet lil ole nurse at the hospital did when I asked for grub.

Maybe there’s a better word for it.

Like dinner? Or supper?


Never mind.

Hold on a minute, you say.  This is Hub City Girl??

Yew bet it is!!! AT LAST!!!!!!

Cowboy Joe and all the folks took the trail to the Okie heartland for the weekend to see an older bro to celebrate his birthday.  What?? Another one.  Yup, there’s another brother who you haven’t heard about yet, someone who deserted to the great state of OK.

What a traitor.  Haha!

If you lived in OK you would figure out quickly why OK and TX are such rivals.

Cuz, you simply can’t beat TX.

(How do I know? Cuz I live here.)

Shhh, don’t tell my Okie brother.

I see Cowboy Joe has been keeping you updated with his ramblings.

You see, Hub City Girl and Cowgirl Sis had made a trip into town.  Town meanin, good ole Hub City, when the car wreck happened.

Which is why nobody should live in town.

I’m not sure when Hub City Girl will be back to ridin’, but it may be a good long time.

There were several major bones broken. Not once, not twice, but three times.  It’s taken this long for Hub City Girl to finally walk without a cane.

But let me tell you, whether I ride or not, I’m greater than grateful to be sittin here alive.

And boy howdy do Little Joe and Cowgirl Sis have some stories to tell about my long stay in the hospital.

(Oops!–Cowboy Joe.  I’ve been watching too much Bonanza. Haha!)

Let’s save these for later, haha. 😉   You bet they will come back up again.

You learn to be grateful for so many things after something big like that brings your life from a gallop to a skiddin halt.

And grateful for every mornin you wake up alive!

And boy howdy, we have an awesome God!

God has been so good.

Today I hit the trails for the property closest to the house to find out what had changed since I had been absent.

Not much.


Looks like some things still need fixin.

But if you’re out in the country, there’s no law ‘gainst leavin your spare pipe out in your backyard.

Backyard, meanin miles and miles of nothin but grass and goatheads and cattle and sky.

Hold your horses.  GOATHEADS?

I had forgotten about these.  Yup, and there are many things I do not remember from before the wreck.

It’s called a concussion.

Please bear with me.  It’ll come back.  But some things I just can’t remember.

But as quickly as I stepped on one, I remembered.

Ouch!  The pointy splinters of a sticker burr.

Thanks to Pa and Ma J’s new watering system, part of the dirt directly in front of the house, is a luscious vibrant green.

A color unheard of in West TX sky and dirt.

And this was the place where big tough Mr. Grackle chose to court his Lady fair.


Yup, he ruffled his Birdie 6-pack and made calls even I would have the sense to ignore.

As did lil Miss Grackle, who pecked along as if there weren’t a lovesick Bull in sight.

It’s that time of the year.

The time to start new things. To fly to new horizons. To make new things happen. To claim your horizon of that bright blue sky.

Hub City Girl





4 thoughts on “Biscuits ‘N Gravy, It’s One Fine Mornin!!

  1. Howdy lovely lady! wondered what was going on with you folks out there. you gotta quit ignorin us, yah hear? 😉 glad to hear you’re better!


    • Hey there Billy Joe! Don’t worry, haven’t forgotten ya’ll! Good to hear from ya, and keep up the good work! 🙂


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