Out By the Ole Mesquite Tree

This is where I go when I just need a place to think.

Or to scream “YEEHAW!” because something amazing has just happened.

Or to just sit there and ponder whenever I’m feelin’ blue.  And turn things over and over in my mind.  Often the same things.

Or to cry my eyes out.

Or to pray.  To pour out my lil ole distressed heart to the One up above who always listens.

Come on, ya’ll all have your own special places where you go.

Your safe place.


Mine is out under the shadow of the ole mesquite tree.   For whatever reason.

It’s so lonely.  So personal.  So intimate with nature.   Boy howdy, there’s nothin’ like it.  It’s like feelin’ absolutely safe.

Safe, wrapped in the untroubled, predictable, calming arms of nature.

I wrote a song about it once.

Wanta ride up that long-ago trail,
It’s there I long to be,
By the ole run-down corral.
Sittin’ ‘neath the ole mesquite tree,
I’ve seen the rabbit scamper through the prairie brush,
and watched the little ant crawl,
a coyote heaves a lonesome sigh,
wails a long coyote call,
Ooooh, ooh, oooh. Ooooh, ooh, ooh,
That’s where I wanta be,
When I’m feelin’ blue,
wanta be out there,
‘neath the ole mesquite tree.

Wanta ride on up the ole pony trail,
It’s there I long to be,
Watch ’em critters play, dream the day away,
And when I’m feelin’ blue,
Wanta head back to the ole mesquite,
So I can dream of you.

I got the words, I just never made it to write the music.

Some day maybe it will happen,

Hub City Girl







6 thoughts on “Out By the Ole Mesquite Tree

    • Gilian, howdy again! Long time no see! Thank you for posting again and for taking a look at some of the blog posts in the past. Life is so different day by day out here it’s hard for me to capture it all in just one post!! Your right, I never thought about it until now, but living out here is very Western, similar to some of the movies, only we can drive a ways and go to Walmart if we need to! 😉


    • Yes, it is a beautiful spot! This was written years ago so it’s been a long time since I’ve been out there, but I have spent some hours out there when I was younger. In answer to your question, I play the piano. I really appreciate your comment!


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