When You Live in the Country…

When you live in the country….

  1. Sometimes you are late to church because you have to get out and move tumbleweeds out of the road.   Like Cowgirl Sis did, a couple of weeks ago.  I snapped this picture with my Ipad and it’s a little grainy, but it shows the picture pretty well.
  2. You can follow the road by the telephone poles…
  3. You can snack on living tumbleweed.  Now don’t get out and chew all over the brown ones rolling around, but if you see one that is rooted to the ground and green all over, feel free to take a bight!
  4. The caliche roads kick up a cloud of dust behind you.
The day the tumbleweeds took over the road…

This picture tells it all…

Can anyone else identify with this??  Am I the only one?

Feel free to comment!!

2 thoughts on “When You Live in the Country…

  1. Gilian, so good to have you on the blog! It’s an adventure out here!! Kindred spirits here, I 💜 discovering new places! 🙂 Have you ever been out in West Texas or anywhere near us?? Maybe some day you can venture out this way!


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