How I Decorated My Tree

P1080291Welcome to my little house in my small town world!  I’m pretty sure my favorite time of the year is Christmas.  I am in love with every part of it!  I love the sparkling lights, the happy music, the gorgeous decorations, buying that special gift for your “special someone”, and having someone greet you with “Merry Christmas!!!!!!” and a happy holiday smile.  What is better than the Christmas spirit??

My tree from last year sat in a cardboard box in 2 inches of water, so I had to leave it behind.  I have been searching everywhere for the perfect tree but it was a long time in coming.  All of the ones that looked “real” had sold out.  I finally found this tree at Walmart.  Yeehaw!!!  It is so beautiful that it almost doesn’t have to be decorated.P1080222Look at the stunning detail of this tree!  It almost looks real!!

I wanted to add a little bit more to the tree just to add some extra sparkle!  So I found some Christmas branches at Hobby Lobby and poked them in to the top of the tree.  I put the taller ones in the back, the bright colored ones in front of it, and the glittery ones on the sides.  That will create an artistic look.  Supah dupah easy!!P1080211I have been in love with the trees decorated with faux fur trim on Pinterest.  I found a couple of yards at Joanns, cut them into long sections, and draped them around the tree.  P1080241Time to add some snowflakes to this snowy tree!!  I layered the small snowflakes at the top of the tree and bigger snowflakes towards the base of the tree.  That will help with balancing out proportions. P1080275I also added some glittery shiny sparkly snowballs!!

Maybe it’s my thing that Christmas isn’t Christmas without snow, but everything I added reinforces the lovely piles of “snow” that were already on the tree. P1080247

Time to add these shiny globes of gorgeousness to the tree!!

Time to throw a pom pom blanket that I keep on my bed around the tree and add a Christmas pillow.


I think I may buy a throw rug from Walmart in a vanilla or white color to use under the base of the tree instead.  I kinda love my pom pom blanket to much to let the Christmas tree have it all December long.  Lol.   If I get a throw rug instead of a tree skirt, I have the option of using it all year long, instead of only using it once a year.  I can also use it for other purposes as well.  I can cuddle up with it and watch a movie or drape it over the couch.  A girl can never have too many blankets!!!! 🙂

What are your thoughts…keep the pom pom blanket, or invest in a throw rug???  If so, what color should I go with???  Let me know what you lovely readers think!!!

What is your favorite part about the holidays??  How did you decorate your tree??  What is your favorite thing to put on the tree??

Happy trails to you!!  XOXO

Hub City Girl






















    1. Hub City Girl

      Thank you! 🙂 Would you keep the gray pom pom blanket at the base of the tree for the Christmas tree skirt or would you use a white throw rug instead? I can’t decide on which color to use!!


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