How I Like to “Decorate” My Gift Wrapping

P1080317Decorate Clothespins and use them for gift tags.  (You can find a whole pack for $1 at the Dollar Tree!).

Mix tissue paper patterns with different colored bags.  Combine cute patterned whimsical polka dotted red tissue paper with bright gold snowflake bags and watch the magic happen!!  Tie it up with some extra ribbon and watch your gift receiver’s eyes light up with excitement as they reach for their “EXTRA SPECIAL” gift!!



Wrap a festive Christmas towel around small little miscellaneous gifts and tie it up with ribbon. Add a Christmas ornament.  Then your gift receiver can use not only the gift but the wrapping as well!!


If you are giving a comfy Christmas rug, add some extra Christmas greenery or a glittery ornament to make it extra special!!



with this:


You can buy the tulle at the Dollar Tree for $1, and the deco mesh at Hobby Lobby or Walmart.


Use ribbon with writing on it.  (Again, you can find it at the Dollar Tree, or AFTER Christmas, get it for 75%-90% off at Hobby Lobby.)


Add some red tulle to a giant gift bag to make it extra special.  Spray on some glittery sparkles! A girl can never have too much SPARKLE!!   Sparkling Heart on Apple

At the small town school where I teach the music program, Secret Santa is a big deal.  We spoil each other for three days, and then the 3rd day is the big reveal!  My Secret Santa this year was amazing!!!  She had the cutest ideas!!!

That’s not it though. We don’t just have Secret Santa, we also have a Chinese Christmas along with a breakfast party.  Everyone brings one gift from $20-$30, with the max at $30, and the excitement, and plotting, and planning, and stealing begins!!

For years  I have always wanted to give that “PERFECT” gift at Chinese Christmas that makes everyone go “Ahhhhhh!!”  This seems selfish, but I love gift giving (it’s my love language).   One day it hit me that it was the presentation that set it up.  When I pulled the gift my Secret Santa gave me this year off of the shelf and saw the candy in the cutest little elf feet bag I have ever seen,  I was SOOO ready to see what was on the inside!!!!!

Chances are you may be a working woman like me and you will be celebrating some sort of Christmas giving at your work!!   You may be a teacher (like me) who is just waiting for the last day of school to catch your breath!!  You may be a parent who is a stay at home mom and you will be doing a Christmas ornament exchange with some of your friends.   Each one of us has some sort of Christmas celebration we are a part of.  Time is limited in December.  It is a busy month.  In all of the craziness, I hope these small ideas will be of some sort of help!

What is a special Christmas tradition you are a part of???  What do you do to make it extra special?

Merry merry Krismas!!!  

Feliz Navidad! 

To my French Readers:  Joyeux Noël!  

My Belgium Readers: Vrolijk Kerstfeest!!  

My Hungarian Readers: Kellemes Karácsonyt! 

My Greek Readers: Καλά Χριστούγεννα!!


Hub City Girl!




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