Bathroom Tray on a Budget

My mascara 100% Pure Ultra Lengthening 100% Natural 100% Vegetarian Mascara.  It smells SO good–it has this lovely blackberry smell– you almost want to eat it.   Best thing it is made out of fruit and is 100% natural, so it is healthy for your eyes and skin. Most mascaras also irritate my eyes and cause them to stick together (I have sensitive eyes), but this mascara does not. No parabens.
Would you be surprised to learn that this tray was found on the 75% clearance rack at Hobby Lobby?   My glass bowl is from the local thrift store for $2.  It keeps all of my bobby bins, misc. jewelry, and hair bands in one place.



I fell in love with this gold carriage Christmas ornament. Click here to order one. It reminds me of Cinderella’s magical pumpkin carriage.   I took off the string to hang it with and it works perfectly for a piece of decor.  This mini rose in a glass vase was too much like the enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast to pass over.
My top 3 favorite beauty products!
Rub this Wild Rose Body Oil on your skin to make your skin feel oh so amazing!  Spritz on this Serozinc to refresh your skin and give it a glow, and finish up with the lovely smell of Rose floral water.
When I really want to feel spoiled, I pour a cup or two of this 100% Pure Active Dead Sea Mineral Salts  into the bath water and have a good soak.  The Dead Sea is known for its therapeutic powers and healthy minerals.  The minerals will absorb into your skin and also help draw toxins from your body.  100% Gluten Free.  No parabens.
How gorgeous is this carriage!  I just can’t get over it!  It makes me feel like getting ready for “Cinderella’s ball” every morning.


Good afternoon everyone!  Have you ever come home after a long, challenging day at work and want to spoil yourself with a luxurious bubble bath (like me)?  Then, when you walk in, you feel a little frustrated because, well, it doesn’t feel quite so luxurious, and well, everything is not in its place (also like me)?  And you don’t have the time nor the energy to worry about it at that moment (very much like me).

As much as I want to walk in and feel the lap of luxury, it has been a challenging journey.  I finally discovered that if I kept everything contained on a tray, it was much easier to find and my counter seems less cluttered.  It also gives the appearance of elegance and beauty that I craved for my bathroom counter.

The most exciting thing about this tray is that everything on it is not super expensive–and that makes me feel happy.  In fact, borrow from my ideas and create your own bathroom “spa” tray that makes you feel just as good!  It doesn’t have to even look like mine–make it all you.  Guys, if you have made it through all of these pictures to read this far, these are also great gift ideas for your girlfriend.

If you have any question please feel free to email me at  I am happy to help you with anything you need  Don’t forget to follow my blog and receive weekly emails.  If you are an email follower you will be eligible for the upcoming blog giveaways.


Hub City Girl Yet again

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