Some Simple Secrets behind Successful Work Wear

Hey ya’ll! Hope ya’ll have had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!   I know I have shared this in the “About Me” page on my blog, but I am a teacher.   I teach the music program for my elementary school.  This year I was also added to the social studies program for 5th grade.   I specialize in producing Disney musicals with my students.  Our productions have been described as “Little People’s Broadway.”  We sing, act, wear costumes, and even dance.  I plan to do some posts on these programs if anyone is interested.

Another thing I have talked about on the”About Me” page is how being a teacher means that I need to dress rather conservatively, but…I also love fashion as well.  Sometimes it is hard to make the two mix successfully.  If any of you currently have a career, you will probably understand what I mean.  Jean days just don’t happen very much.  I have begun to document my journey to achieve that, and picture by picture, I hope you’ll join me.   Please share your journey with me as well.  I would love to learn some ideas from you readers.

Some things I have learned along the way.  Don’t judge–some of these points sound like common sense, I know, but it’s taken me 2-3 years to actually learn them!

  1. Simple is better.  I used to “clutter” my outfits with all the jewelry there could be and every hair clip accessible.  Every outfit had to have a belt or a pattern mix.  Hmmm…this “conglomeration” could be confusing, to say the least.  Most of the time, simple is better.  If it looks like too much, take something away.
  2. Your shoes do complete your outfit.  I used to not be selective about what shoes I put on.  After all, I thought, who is going to be looking at my feet??  Turns out, I was wrong.  The right shoes can pack a statement.  Choose shoes that are a different texture than the other parts of your outfit.
  3. Take at least 5 minutes to fix your hair.  Treat your hair like it is a “piece” of your outfit.  I used to throw together an outfit and then voila!  I was done.  Who cared what the “mane on top” looked like?  Then I would be frustrated when my confidence level would go down a notch because my hair was everywhere.  Take the time to throw your hair into a quick and easy hairdo.
  4. You don’t have to shop at White House Black Market to look fashionable.  You don’t have to spend $40 a shirt (and $600) later to look like a fashion pro.  Shhhh, I never said it, but sometimes often I do browse through the Walmart clothing section.  Sometimes I rummage through the thrift store to find the perfect American Eagle Outfitter top, or a beautiful Cato’s work dress that someone donated.  I am a teacher, and as much as I wish I did, I don’t make a 6 figure income.
  5. Every day will not be perfectly put together.  Sometimes I throw something together, look in the mirror, and my heart sinks a notch.  I have had to learn that it is okay.  Every day is not a fashion magazine stylist shoot, sometimes I can throw on my pj’s and say–you’ve earned it.  Every day does not have to be a “perfectly put together” day.

TOP:    Blue and White Striped Blouse– Walmart,  PANTS:  Black Skinny Jeans–Gap, JEWELRY: Blingy Bracelet–Walmart, SHOES: Ankle Boots–Bealls

TOP:   Navy Blue Blouse– Burke’s Outlet  CARDIGAN:  Black Cardigan–Cato’s, PANTS:  White Flare Jeans–JCPenney, JEWELRY: Silver and Black Necklace–Attached to the Blouse, SHOES: Navy Blue Glitter Shoes–JCPenney.   (This picture is a little dark, so the blouse almost looks black.  It is actually a navy blue.)

TOP:   College Jersey Shirt– Hibbett Sports,  PANTS:  Denim Jeans–Cato’s, SHOES: Comfy Gray “Tennis” Shoes–JCPenney


TOP:   Gray Shirt– Bealls,  PANTS:  Denim Jeans–Cato’s, SHOES: Black Dress Shoes–DSW, JEWELRY:  Pink Earrings–Walmart

Most of you know I grew up on a tiny ranch.  Last weekend I visited my parents’ ranch and this is their dining room.  They have a wall of mirrors that actually hides a closetful of dining ware, and this is that mirror.

Now I will be closing up this post to head “to town” (when small town folks say this they usually mean they are going to a town that actually has a major supermarket in it) to pick up some medication.  The flu has hit hard, and I have been taking everything natural I can possibly take to try to ward it off, if that is even possible?  I think I have escaped with a simple sinus infection–thank goodness.  I have tried to stay holed up in my little house just to escape all of the germs, but there isn’t a whole lot a teacher can do sometimes.  I should have ordered a 10 gallon jug of hand sanitizer just to carry around with me, I have been using so much of it. Germs feel like zombies to a teacher sometimes. Meanwhile, I hope you lovely readers are feeling well and wonderful.  Do you have any tips for healthy ways to boost this teacher’s poor immune system??  I sure could use some ideas!

Have a wonderful day!


Hub City Girl



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