Victoria’s Secret, Charlotte Russe, and Cato Clothing Haul

My Cowgirl Sis is getting married soon and she is wanting to go into the marriage without having to buy more clothes afterwards.  She and her fiancé are planning to buy a house as soon as they save up for a down payment, and they want to put their salaries towards that goal.  After saving up some money to buy some brand new clothing, she asked me to go with her and we had a blast.  It was so much fun!

On the way, we stopped by Victoria’s Secret.  They have great quality personal items that will last for a long time.  Their prices though, can be out of my budget range.  I can’t afford to just walk in there any day out of the week and buy a gorgeous black robe for $70.

My sister has great timing!  We walked in and they were having a sale:  select underpants were $2.99 and up, and there was a great clearance section.  When I was looking through their clearance, I found an adorable Victoria’s Secret red tunic with a scoop neck in the back for relaxing and wearing around the house.  The employee scanned it and came back.

“It’s 4.99.”  she said.

I stopped.  “4.99?” thinking I had heard her wrong.

“Yes, and it’s 50% off of that.”

I snatched that tunic out of her hand so fast.  It was kind of a no brainer at that point!  $2.50 for a Victoria’s Secret shirt?  You can’t beat that, even at Goodwill.

So great news, folks!  If you check out the sales, you can find certain lovely gorgeous items for unbelievable prices!  Start by checking the clearance sections.

Victoria’s Secret bags–$6 ($32 value), Old Navy Blue Dress–$4.97, Charlotte Russe Shoes–$15, Victoria Sport Shirt–$4, Cato’s Pink Dress Pants–$7, Charlotte Russe Bracelets–$6
Walmart Fleece Leggings–$3, Victoria’s Secret Red Tunic–$2.50, Charlotte Russe Shoes–$15, Cato’s Navy Blue Dress Pants–$5, Cato’s Gray Dress Pants–$5




All in all I didn’t spend too much money, and I walked away with some great, high quality items that I will use over and over.  I loved every single one of them.  All of them totaled $88.  This amount didn’t even begin to touch my savings.

Here are some tips that I follow when I go shopping.  These have helped me save a lot of money, and helped keep me from spending money on a lot of useless items.  At one point I had so many clothes in my closet but I only wore (and liked!) half of them.  After a while I did a closet purge, and out half of them went.  I never even wore them!  What a waste of money, and to think, I could have spent all of that money on some outfits I could actually wear and enjoyed putting on.

So here is how I shop:

#1. Know what you do and don’t want.

#2.  Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale.

#3.  Only spend a lot of money on something you will wear repeatedly.

#4.  It’s okay to splurge every once in a while, if you budget for it.  (Yes, I do buy from Nordstrom, when I have saved for it.)

#5. Only buy it if you absolutely fall in love with it when you take it off the clothing rack.

#6. Don’t buy it just because it looks good on someone else.   My sister wears some lovely clothing, but I could not pull off what she can wear successfully.

#7.  If you even question whether you should get it, put it back.  Your brain is telling you don’t!

#8.  Search the clearance sections first.  You will be amazed at what you can find.

I am so excited to style some of these clothes for ya’ll in the future.   I will be wearing many of them to work, and can’t wait to share them with you.

What are some tips you lovely gals have learned to help you with shopping successfully??  Please add some more numbers to my list.  It isn’t complete yet…and I know I have some things to learn.

Be on the look out because I will be hosting a giveaway in the very near future.   I was able to get some items on my clothing haul that I will be giving away.  Only email subscribers will qualify!


Hub City Girl

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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