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Hello all!

Welcome to my new Weekly News post.   I am trying some new things and want to see how all of ya’ll lovely readers like them.  Let me know your thoughts.

KEEPING UP WITH NEWS: This previous week was different.  The flu is so bad right now where I live that the school where I teach did not ask the kids to come in for both Friday and Monday of this past week.  On Friday all of the staff at my district disinfected the buildings from top to bottom.  We sprayed Lysol in every nook, cranny, and corner.  I spread out all of my pencils and hosed them down.  How about ya’ll?  Is the flu affecting anyone else in any other parts of the country, or is it just in my little corner of the world??  It sure is hitting hard here.

SHOPPING ADVENTURES:  On the bright side, I was able to go shopping with my sister and I made a post about the picture haul which you can find here:  Victoria’s Secret, Charlotte Russe, and Cato Clothing Haul.  I found some treasures that you will definitely be seeing in upcoming blog posts.

BLOG ADVENTURES:  I have been asking some of my readers what they are interested in hearing about my life on the blog.  I have heard many things, from why do I wear what I wear, to what it’s really like to live out in the country.  If you are reading this post, please leave a comment on what you will like to hear most about my life!  What interests you the most??   

THE WILD FRONTIER:  Here is what life looks like out here on the wild open frontier of West Texas.  It’s beautiful, it really is.P1080940

CAR ADVENTURES:  I took my car in to get inspected and found out that my battery was slowly dying.  I consider myself fortunate that I wasn’t on the road and my battery died on me, especially when it is dark outside.

PINTEREST FINDS:  Oh what would I give to visit this lovely “fairy tale” castle, Bavarian Castle.   I am thinking about making these Bubble Gum Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day.  Aren’t they just so CUTE and unique??

FOOD ADVENTURES:  Okay, I’ll admit, I love to eat.  I will literally binge watch Food Network shows.  I don’t know…is that a good thing, or not??  Anyone else with this problem besides me?  This past week I made tacos…from corn tortillas.  I fried the tortillas in oil and by the 4th one, I finally felt like I was a master at the art of Homemade Tacos!!  Holy guacamole were they so crunchy, and yummy!  Better than store bought tacos.  I ate at least 6 of them, filling included.  (Sshhh..don’t tell!) P1090062

WORK FASHION WEEKLY:  I asked my Cowgirl Sis what she would like to hear so far as my work outfits.  She told me that what she is looking for in blogs when she looks at fashion is not just great pictures, but posts explaining why the person chose to wear what they wore.   She also likes to know prices, because she wants to know if she can afford it as well.  We are both teachers and if you have ever googled teacher’s salaries, the results are painful.  I’m not complaining, I love teaching.  It’s my passion, but my budget does have to accommodate it.

So without further ado…here are my work/church outfits for the week.  Hopefully you can find some inspiration from some of these outfits.



Brighten things up. I wore mint green pants because I wanted to brighten up this cute, black top.

Go for some color, girl!  You can pair a black top with cheery bright colored pants like pink or yellow or red.

Add shine. The silver heels are a neutral color in this outfit, so I’m not adding any more busy color, just shine.

Wear print any day you want.  Honestly, this leopard print leather purse I wear everywhere, mainly because I know I won’t leave it somewhere.  I am really bad about setting my bags down when I am shopping, getting excited about looking at some product, and then leaving my bags sitting there.   So my rule of thumb for myself is: wear a cross body bag!  And the fact that it’s print doesn’t hurt anything.

SHIRT: Cato.  SKIRT: Cato.  SHOES:  Ebay.  PURSE:  My Grandmothers.


The trickiness of maxi skirts.  This is the only maxi skirt I own.  Maxi skirts can make 5 foot, 9 inch me look SO tall.  However, this one is different than traditional maxi skirts in that it is smaller at the hem.  For a tall girl like me, the tapering helps me look not quite like a giant when I wear it.  It also hits me at the ankles, which is a perfect length to help the outfit look balanced.

Some shape is good.  I usually add a belt to help define the waist.  Otherwise, this outfit would look baggy and shapeless.

Bright colors, ladies!  This bright blue top adds a pop of color and the cut out sleeves add some extra detail to it.

Oh the usefulness of nude heels.  They give any outfit some contrast.  If you are looking at yourself in the mirror and your dark outfit seems “bland” to you, throw on a pair of nude heels.  You can’t go wrong.

WHITE SHIRT: Walmart.  SKINNY JEANS:  Plato’s Closet.  ANKLE BOOTS:  Online.  SCARF: Ebay.


My Outfit formula:  Start with a basic: White t shirt. Add a pattern: Blanket scarf.  Add texture.  Brown Leather Ankle Boots.  Finish off with a little bling.  A bracelet is a lovely option for jewelry.

You are ready to go for the day!

This simple formula will help you make an adorable outfit every time.  This is the pattern I follow if I am “stuck” on an outfit and have no earthly idea what to wear.




Pair graphic tank tops with cardigans.  I found this adorable “Eighty-Six” top from Victoria’s Secret at Goodwill for $3.  Then, I never wore it.  Until I tried to give it away to a friend and that dear friend said:  “Oh that would be so cute on you!  Why don’t you wear it with a cardigan?”

Mix colors to make certain colors stand out more.  If you have a hard time with mixing colors, that’s okay.  I do too.  Thankfully, I have these two wonderful guides to help me: Great Color Matching and The Ultimate Science to Wearing Color (scroll down to the bottom to find the color chart).  Whoever came up with these are genius!  I use them over and over to find what colors would match well together in my wardrobe.

Wear great pants.  These White Gap Super Ultra High Rise jeans fit great on me.  GAP has never failed when it comes to pants, they have come through every time.  Their pants fit great and feel great.  I feel like I own a million bucks when I put on a pair of their pants.



Keep the outfit light.  I wanted to wear this top which had been hanging up in my closet for a while now.  Adding black pants would make the outfit too dark.  Wearing white would add a pop of color and takes the outfit up to the next level.  These are the same GAP pants I wore with the previous outfit.  I will definitely put them to good use over the next couple of years!

Texture counts.  These faux brown leather boots provided some much needed texture.

If you’re still not happy, add bling.  Looking at my clothes in the mirror, I just felt like something was lacking.  It needed a little bling.  So to not overdo it I chose to wear the bracelet.

That’s the weekly news here at Hub City Girl.

There are so many new and exciting things coming to Hub City Girl blog and I am just super excited.  Be prepared for an upcoming giveaway!  I know I keep talking about it but it is going to happen, I promise.   I just want to be a little more prepared so that it will be super great for all of you!  Make sure that you are signed up as an email follower and that you post a comment.

Have an amazing week!


Hub City Girl Yet again





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    • I have a room by room blog post series in the making and am so excited to share it with you! 🙂 I have some videos that will show how I took a small, empty room and transformed it into a practical and comfortable living space. Will definitely find a way to incorporate a closet tour into that!


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