Can You Buy $200 of Clothes for Only $25?

Yes it can be done!

I only paid $25 for my recent clothing haul.  It consisted of brand names like Talbot, New York & Company, DKNY, and Ann Taylor.  I found 16 pieces.  That’s about $1.56 per piece.    Readers, that is a savings dream come true!

I have talked about how I am a teacher and how I have to budget myself accordingly.  I was able to find some lovely clothes for great prices that I will be wearing often to work and styling on the blog.  (You can find my recent fashion post here: Splash of Pink Fashion Weekly–What I Wore.)

So how can you do it??

  1. Make a list of your local clothing thrift stores or secondhand stores.  If the “old” sights and smells of your local Goodwill is just too much, you might want to check out secondhand shops like Style Encore or Plato’s Closet.
  2.  Some secondhand clothing stores like Style Encore have a mission to cater to “fashion conscious, spend savvy women.”  Style Encore states that they “buy and sell the latest styles and brands of gently used, women’s casual and business clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories all day, every day. Unlike consignment, we pay cash on the spot for items we would like to purchase. Whether you’re smart, savvy, sensible or sassy, a friend, mom, boss or teacher, Style Encore has fashion that fits your life.”  I have brought clothes in for them to purchase, and they are very picky, they only take the best.
  3. Visit each store and decide which ones match your taste and which ones you would never go back to again.  I know several stores in Hub City whose prices were so high for their used goods that it would not be practical to shop there.  It is okay to be picky!
  4. Ask the store for some information that shows what clothes the store buys and sales.  Style Encore has a card they give each customer with pictures showing the recent brand name clothing they are looking for.  Certain stores will only take certain brands.  See if any of these brands are up your ally.  See which ones you would have interest in.
  5. Browse through these stores on Monday.  Usually they will have new products come in over the weekend.  Monday is the best day to score some top-knotch, high-brand items.
  6. Ask the store if they have a “Grab-A-Bag” Event.  This is how I scored $200 of clothing for $25!  This is how another shopper for the same event scored $500 of clothing for $50!  You take a bag and you stuff it with all the clothes and purses and shoes that you want to purchase.  That bag is only $25.  I rolled up my clothes to make more fit.  You can stuff the purses as well.  Everything in the bag is a flat $25, no matter what!!
  7. Sign up for their weekly emails and/or newsletters.  This will keep you up to date on savvy scoring events like “Grab-A-Bag,” “Winter 90% Off” and other savvy spending events that may be of interest to you.

If you have trouble finding the local thrift stores in your area, please feel free to email me with the name of your hometown.  I will be glad to send you a list!!  I love helping spending savvy folks like yourselves find a super great deal!!

$200 worth of clothes, some with the original price tags still on them!

Have a wonderful day!!


Hub City Girl

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

7 thoughts on “Can You Buy $200 of Clothes for Only $25?

  1. Great tips here, Joanna! I like how you explained the benefits and made it personal. Can’t wait to see how you style these pieces!


  2. Well done girl! in the last 10 years, I did that for like three years, collecting beautiful clothes from thrift stores, all at designer labels for very cheap, some new with tags attached, some without tags, and I chose them like if they looked new. In the past 7 years, I have not bought any clothes, and not all of them have I been able to wear them. I separate them in to groups of clothes that I can wear for sometime while others are kept until those ones I am wearing will grow old. I have promised that I won’t be buying clothes for quite a couple of years. But I still love buying shoes cause they do get old quickly. I those past 7 years, I have made a very good savings on clothes. I am now selling clothes on Etsy, they are all designer high street stores of the UK.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! This has been a hobby for the past couple of years, searching through thrift stores to see what can be found. It is also definitely a money-saver. Wow, 7 years!…You have made incredible savings on your clothes!! I wish I had enough self-restraint with shopping to do the same. Thank you for sharing the link to your Etsy shop. The clothing you sell is adorable…I am always on the look out for chic dresses for special events or for work wear. With my height, they can be hard to find here in the US.


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