40 Surprises for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!  Have you made your plans for Valentine’s Day?  What are your feelings towards Valentine’s Day?  They may be different than mine.

This beautiful holiday is often represented as a couple celebrating their romance.  We think of it as boxes of chocolates being delivered, a hundred red roses, and the finest cuisine by candlelight.  We think of it as red, pink, and white.  We picture kisses and you name it.

valentine's day photos 8
Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com.

It is about so much more than that.  Valentine’s Day is about Love.

Couples aren’t the only ones who can celebrate love.

A single grandma can celebrate the love between her and her granddaughter.  A mom can celebrate the love she shares for her children.   There are so many people who can celebrate love.

This list of 40 surprises is not just inclusive to that special “Someone” in your life, if such is the case.  Some of these surprises are ways you can show your love to anyone special or close to your heart.  It may be your “Special Someone,” but it could also be your aging grandfather,  your mom, or your 5-year-old son.

Let’s Celebrate Love!

  1. Leave some window clings on their car window.

    Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com.
  2. Leave rose petals and heart confetti to make a trail to the house.
  3. Pick up a big gift, put a bow on it, and surprise them.
  4. Buy something special to wear for them that you would normally never wear.
  5. Dance together in the living room or kitchen.
  6. Leave sticky notes with compliments about your loved one covering the mirror.  Or some other place they regularly stand.
  7. String white Christmas lights everywhere and light candles.  Light scented candles for extra flavor.
  8. Give them a bunch of red Valentine’s balloons.
  9. Make a gift certificate from you for them to redeem later.
  10. Make their favorite smoothie with all of their favorite flavors.
  11. Start a fire and roast marshmallows.  If you have a gas stove, turn it on and roast the marshmallows on the open flame.
  12. Make a batch of all different flavors of popcorn and enjoy it together.
  13. Surprise them with their favorite drink.
  14. Show up with a coffee and a burrito at their work.
  15. Hang red and pink streamers everywhere in the house for when they arrive home.
  16. Buy some extra blankets to cuddle in.
  17. Make a list of all of their favorite things and put them in a bucket.
  18. Keep a journal of all of the things about them that you love.  Give it to them to read.
  19. Appeal to their 5 senses. Give them a gift for each sense.
  20. Send texts every hour saying your favorite thing about them, or saying sweet things.
  21. PLAN the best ice-cream sundae you have ever made.  Shop for it, create it, and eat it together.

    Valentine's Day photos 6
    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com.
  22. Make a sack lunch with the best sandwich in the world and leave a special note inside for them to read.
  23. Write a song especially for them and sing it to them.
  24. Make a book on all of the reasons why you love them.
  25. Make a picture album of all of your favorite pictures together.
  26. Make a playlist of all of your favorite songs and listen to them together.
  27. Hang a banner saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” to surprise them.
  28. If you can’t go out for Valentine’s, make a 4 course dinner ahead of time, freeze it, and then pull it out and serve it up.
  29. Make their favorite fudge and wrap it in tissue paper or cellophane wrap.
  30. Order a heart pizza from Pizza Hut, and send it to their work.
  31. Surprise them all day long with doing things for them: laundry, wash the car, mow the lawn.
  32. Go to the place where you first met or have a special memory together and relive the memories.

    Valentine Day Post
    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com.
  33. Wear outfits that match or have similar colors.
  34. Show up to visit them with lunch in hand.
  35. Grill their favorite steak or make their favorite pork and eat it by the fireside.

    Valentine's day photos 9
    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com.
  36. Find some deep questions to ask them to get to know them better.
  37. Play your favorite game together.

    valentine's day photo 12
    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com.

38.  Cook a meal together.

39.  Make their favorite meal and deliver it to them.

40.  Say “I love You” at least 10 times.   You can’t say ever say it enough.

valentine's day photo 11
Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com.

Celebrate love!

Love to all of my readers.  You make my world go round!!


Hub City Girl

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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