Moments of Beauty


Take me home, country roads.

Out in the country there are moments of extraordinary beauty and calm that speak to you in more ways than you can imagine.

They give you a moment of rest.

They give you a chance to refresh and calm down.

They give you confidence.

This confidence can be felt by everyone around you.

I am currently writing a mission statement for Hub City Girl.  The past few weeks, the realization has hit me that I have shared some facets of my life here, but I have neglected to explain.  Who is Hub City Girl?  What does she stand for?  What is the latest “scoop” and “scandal” in her life?

How will following this blog make a difference in your life?

The Hub City Girl mission statement will be posted next Monday morning.    My “About Me” page will also be completely rewritten to include this mission statement.

You see, dear reader, this blog isn’t “About Me.” It is about YOU.

Ya’ll, have a wonderful day!

Don’t forget to let those moments of beauty in your life refresh you and calm you.  Take them in.  Don’t let them get away.


Hub City Girl Yet again


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