Blog Purpose and Mission Statement

She was a single mom.  I remember the day when she came by my little house.  As she spilled her heart she mentioned that her abusive ex-husband wanted her back.  “Don’t do that,” I said.  “You are worth more than that.”  She looked at me like a lightning bolt had struck her.  I will never forget the epiphany on her face, the light that suddenly sparkled. She was beautiful, she was valuable.  She suddenly understood her worth.  That made her confident.
As I hear stories like these from countless people, they all start to add up and remind me of experiences in my own life.  I remember the empty hollow feeling of walking by gossiping colleagues and hearing the whisper.  You know, the ugly whisper behind the hand.  Knowing they are talking about you and that they don’t want you to belong.  I know the pain of losing something you love, and wondering if you can ever get it back.   I have a story of heartache and pain when I had a traumatizing car accident a couple years ago.  It can be so easy to feel lost and unsure of what to do or where to go.
There is so much negativity out there.  It can be found in the workplace, on social media, or in the local high school.  It is found in politics, within the pages of magazines, and it runs rampant in our social lives. Bullying is an everyday occurrence.  Backstabbing is common.  Name-calling is ruthless.
In all of this, I want you to have a safe place where you can come, a place of beauty. A place where you can rest and refresh yourself.  Somewhere you can build your confidence, not have it torn down.  A place you can belong.  This blog is that place. Here you can learn tips and methods to live with confidence.
Living With Confidence
  • Taking Care of Yourself is a form of self-respect.
  • Dressing Well is a form of self-respect.
  • Eating Well is a form of self-respect.
  • Making Your Home a Sanctuary of Beauty is a form of self-respect.
  • Getting Involved in Something You Are Good At is a form of self-respect.
  • Taking Care of Your Finances is a form of self-respect.
  • Setting Boundaries is a form of self-respect.
As you practice living with confidence, you can grow stronger and be prepared to face the challenges of negativity.  You can build your inner strength, like a gymnast who works out to build endurance.
You can create a safe place for yourself.  You can write the pages of your “fairy tale.”  Your “fairy tale” life does not have to be defined as a perfect life, with a perfect, happily-ever-after ending.  Most of life consists of mundane, every day tasks such as going to work, raising your kids, and dealing with challenges.  Your determination to do your best at those tasks and making the most of them is what can give you that “enchanted” lifestyle.  You are creating a successful life for yourself.  That is magical!
Here is my story.  You are welcome to open its pages and enter into my life.
Hub City is my setting.  My little home is my “fairy tale castle”.  It is my place of strength, where I can unwind myself.  Clean, simply decorated in a captivating style, it is a place of luxury where I can calm down after a long day of work.   You are welcome to come in,  relax and stay for a while in my little corner of the world.
On this blog you will find the following topics:
  • Encouragement and self-help for the mundane, everyday tasks of life and how to grow through them
  • Tips and methods to creating a beautiful home on a budget
  • Tasty family recipes that will help you prepare meals to your satisfaction
  • Affordable fashion and dressing with confidence
  • Hobbies in which you can excel and have the magic touch
  • Shopping hacks that will make you a confident shopper
  • How to deal with toxic work and school environments that can bring you down
  • Candid discussions on bullying, heartache & trauma and how to keep your confidence in those situations

Our Mission Statement:  Hub City Girl Blog is dedicated to assist you in cultivating the magic of your lifestyle.



3 thoughts on “Blog Purpose and Mission Statement

  1. Fantastic purpose and mission statement, this gives a clear idea of what you will provide and builds a sense of anticipation about what we as your readers can expect! So looking forward to reading your posts on these topics in the coming weeks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, and I am so excited that you are a part of our team of followers! I hope our upcoming posts are to your satisfaction. What is a goal that you have for this year to help grow the magic and excitement of your life?


  2. Hello,
    Hmm… I think personally finding creative ways to get exercise and make time to sew would be “magical” to me. These are things I often cut out when trying to get everything else done. Thanks for the thought provoking question!

    Liked by 1 person

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