My Car Accident, A Story of Hope and Healing, Part 1

“I’m almost ready!” I answered, as I released the last curl from the scorching hot curling wand.  Per the usual “quick-get-ready” method I had the curling iron up on its highest, a 10.  Taylor Swift curls–you go, girl!  I pulled back a few crazily twisted strands of my blond hair with a matching bobby pin and stepped back to check my face in the mirror.  Perfect!

My cowgirl sister was waiting on me to lock up the house.  We were both in high spirits.   I was visiting my parents’ small ranchette for the weekend.  I had a busy work load of teaching in a small town an hour away and I had been ready to get away from it all.  My parents were 6 hours away visiting some relatives, so it was just me and my sister hanging out and house sitting.  So far, we had stayed out of trouble.  We hadn’t spent too much money shopping, we hadn’t eaten up all of the frozen burritos in the freezer, and we hadn’t been too crazy.

Nothing could go wrong, could it?

“Which car do we want to take?” I wondered, as she shut the glass door behind us.  “Mine…or who’s?”

“Oh, we could take Dad and Mom’s little Toyota,” she said.

I thought about it and then agreed.  We left my lonely little shining silver car as I backed down the long, concrete driveway.

A cloud of dust rolled out behind us as we took off down the caliche road.

“The car’s going to have to be washed,” I thought, as a dusty coat of tan caliche bathed the car.  That’s what happens when you live in the country.

The gradual transition from country road into town came the minute we drove under the freeway.  Our conversation was a good, ole casual mix of work, boys, and makeup.  You know, gal talk!  Gal talk always takes rabbit trails.

I veered right on into the lane and approached the first major intersection in town.  It was the highway coming in from the University and had a lot of student traffic.

Great, it’s turning red!” I slowed down at the stoplight.  We didn’t want to be late.  It was Sunday morning.  We were headed to our church service.  I stopped the car slowly and sat there.  It seemed to be a calm day. There wasn’t hardly any traffic.  The lane of oncoming traffic was empty.  (Remember this, it saved my life.)

Having travelled this road hundreds of times from my high school days and all through college, I knew the drill of this stoplight like the back of my hand.  The oncoming traffic on the other side went first.  The oncoming cars turning left had their turn.  Then it would be mine.

Yes, I was the boring model citizen.  I always drove perfectly.  I always went the speed limit.  I always wore my seat belt.  I always stopped right behind the lines at the stop light.  Yes, I was the textbook driver.


I finished my sentence to my sister, and slowly released the brake.

I rolled out into the intersection.


No words can ever describe powerfully enough, the sickening, shocking crunch of car metal hitting car metal.  Or of the car hitting me.  Literally.

I saw a blur.  The car was reeling out of control.  I slammed the brake, desperately trying to stop the rotating car.  I heard my dad’s voice in my head from my driver’s ed days,  “If it won’t stop, use the parking brake.”

I snatched for the parking brake handle, but I couldn’t get it to budge.

Cooooome ON!    Anything to get this crazy car to stop moving!

The force of the turn threw me forward against the steering wheel.

I felt like a little rag doll being thrown around.

My car came to a jolting stop.

My body slammed against the seat.

The back of my head smashed the head rest.

The lower part of my back hit the seat.

Something snapped.

The car stopped.



A wave of pain swept down my back.

I screamed out.

Through the fog, I heard my sister’s voice saying “Are you okay?”

I grasped for the door handle.

The door was smashed.  I couldn’t pry it open.

I wanted out of this death machine.

I wanted to stay.

I didn’t want to black out.

My body wanted to shut down.

I wanted to stay.

I didn’t want to go.

I wanted to stay!

Where was my guardian angel??

And then, he came.

Part 1:  To be continued

Whew, that was hard to write!!  This is a very personal part of my story and what makes me part of who I am as a person.  If it weren’t for the support of you wonderful and lovely readers out there, I don’t think I could have made it through!! Thank you for all of your love and you are the best!!! Download Sparkling Pink Heart Emoji Icon I hope to goodness not, but if you happen to have a story like mine, I would love for you to share it.  I love to connect with ya’ll and get to know every single one of you!! Learn more about me on the About Me Page. 


Hub City Girl


10 thoughts on “My Car Accident, A Story of Hope and Healing, Part 1

  1. Hi, I am glad you found my blog and liked today’s post, because had you not, I probably never would have found your blog. My name is jim and i’ve been on my blog for 8 years. In those 8 years I have managed to follow 146 blogs. I have read in the 1000s but only 146 captured me to be a subscriber. After reading this post I now follow 147 blogs. I know a few published authors and to be honest and I am being honest, i’ve never been so enthralled in post or book I was reading like you did to me in this post. The way you described what happened during the accident and after the car stopped, brought me to your accident, like I was literally in the car, to the point ( and I didnt notice this until I finished reading it) I was breathing heavy like I was in that accident.This is one of, if not, the best post I have ever read, honestly, and I am glad you survived that crash. Please feel free to follow me on twitter and facebook you really are an incredible writer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Jim, Thank you!! I appreciate your comment more than words can say. This was a difficult post to write because up until now (and this happened a couple of years ago) I have been avoiding reliving the whole terrible ordeal. At the same time, it is a story of hope and healing so I did want to share it. I found your blog and enjoyed your post with the picture of your cozy Rhode Island fireplace. Hope your work on your children’s book is going well. Thanks for stopping by!! Hub City Girl

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing this very personal story. I appreciate the fact that even though reliving something this traumatic is difficult, you’ve chosen to proceed for the reader’s benefit. I’m looking forward to hearing what happens next.


    • Hi Rachel, Thank you for stopping by and visiting!! I am so incredibly grateful for your comment…It was a tough story to write about and is going to get more difficult as it goes on. Part 2 is on its way and should be posted on Saturday. Have a wonderful Tuesday!! Hub City Girl


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