The Ultimate Boyfriend Sandwich–A Hunky Meat Combo

Drum-roll please! I present to ya’ll the ultimate He-Man Sandwich.  This Hulk of a sandwich is loaded with gobs and gobs of fall-off-the bone tender delicious meat.  Your man will be in heaven!  Or if you gals just want to make it for yourself, that’s ok too.  It’s absolutely delicious.P1090896Don’t you just want to lean in and taste it??  I do!!  I’d eat this sandwich any day!!

I mean, can you pass up the ultimate combo: meat and cheese??  This sandwich is both worlds of deliciousness combined into one.  (Ignore the bite of cheese I took in the picture, I couldn’t help myself!)


P1090839Holy smokes, sausage, you are making my mouth water!!

Best of all, most of it is a crockpot recipe, so it doesn’t take too long to prepare.P1090819Cook a pork roast and a beef pot roast in Lipton onion mix and 24 ounces of Coca Cola. Cook for 4 hours or 7-8 hours. As you pull the meat out of the crockpot, it will literally fall apart! I shredded some of that meat to make the sandwich.

I cut the sausage links into halves and the bacon in half and cooked it in my trusty little ole cast iron skillet.P1090842Look at the steam rolling up off of that sizzling bacon??  BACON!  Who doesn’t love bacon??P1090849

Next let’s prepare the Mac’ N Cheese.  You can make your traditional Mac and cheese recipe, or you can also use a Boxed Mac’N Cheese.  Or you can mix all of those 4 delicious cheeses (Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Feta Cheese, and Provolone-Mozarella Cheese) you saw earlier into cooked noodles (mine were gluten-free), add salt and pepper, and make your own CHEESY mac’n cheese in minutes!

Brown 2 pieces of Sourdough Bread in a little butter on the stove to make a tasty crunch.

Now you start building your sandwich.  You stack all 5 of those meats and add a dollop of your Mac and cheese.  You pile on as much meat as you want!!  Then you lather it all over with your favorite good ole BarbQ sauce, until it looks like this!P1090896The first bite just keeps you coming back for more!!

Really, you can use any meat you have, just make sure you pile it high and stack it on!!

Your kids will love the macaroni and cheese.  You fellows out there will love all of the meat.Red Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe Pinterest Graphic-4



Hub City Girl

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Boyfriend Sandwich–A Hunky Meat Combo

    • Thank you, Rachel!! Hope you can try it sometime and enjoy! It was delish and so full of all sorts of yummy flavors. I put everything together in about 30 minutes (minus the crockpot cooking time), making it super easy to prepare for a dinner meal…and there’s leftover Mac ‘n cheese, besides. 🙂 Have a wonderful Friday!!


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