My Car Accident, A Story of Hope and Healing, Part 2

Last Saturday, I told the story of the car accident that happened to me a couple of years ago in the following post, “My Car Accident, A Story of Hope and Healing, Part 1.”  Well, another Saturday later, here is Part 2.

Part 1: I didn’t want to black out.  My body wanted to shut down.  I wanted to stay.  I didn’t want to go.  I wanted to stay!  Where was my guardian angel??  And then, he came.

Part 2:  I leaned over the steering wheel.  My body cried, “Let’s go!

My mind said, “No, you WILL stay!

My lower back was throbbing in pain like I have never felt before and never want to know again.  I couldn’t help it, I had to scream.

Help me, help me, help me!”

My sister’s hands were shaking so hard, she couldn’t get her phone to turn on.  She was on the passenger’s side and she was–miraculously–untouched.

She pushed her car door open.

Help me!!! I screamed.  Pain shot cruelly down my back.

A few people were wandering around.  Some of them were looking at their phones.  “Do we need to call 9-1-1?” this sea of faces wanted to know.

My cowgirl sis later said that irritated her.  Her sister is screaming in pain, and people are moseying about and asking, “Do we need to call for help?”

Yes, call 9-1-1!”

Everything was a blur.  I was starting to lose it.  I just wanted the horrible, awful pain to go away….

Out of the blur someone was standing outside my sister’s open car door.

Get out of the car,” a manly voice stated, calmly, to my sister.

The voice was strong and kind.  I latched on to that sound and held onto it.

I’m a trained paramedic.  I’m off duty and saw the crash.  I will help her.

That, my friends, was my guardian angel.

I don’t know where he came from, but I was ready to let go.  Suddenly he was there to watch over me, to keep me here.

Blond hair and brown eyes filled the car.

I was slipping away into the darkness. I looked into the brown eyes, begging them not to let me go.

They held on.  I clung to them.  I listened to the voice.

Look straight ahead.  Don’t look at me.  You’re going to be okay.”

I held on to that calm, reassuring tone and obeyed.

A hand supported the back of my neck.

Look straight ahead and focus in front of you.  Breathe in and out.”

I saw double cars.  Dual of everything.  A red car and its doppelgänger.  Everything was vague, distorted, hazy…Something blue flashed in my blurred vision.  Double again.  Somehow that red car made me realize.  I was going to stay.

I wasn’t going to leave.

With a rush, the feeling left me.  My guardian angel had saved me.  Suddenly there were more voices surrounding the car.

My guardian angel spoke, first.

I checked her pulse…” he rambled on, talking about vitals and stats and my neck…He apparently already knew the person he was talking to.

Were you in the car?” a surprised voice asked.

No.  I was on the way home from the gym and I was running a little late..” That’s all I remember hearing, before he was gone and a husky paramedic took his place.

We’re trying to get the car door open. We’re going to get the car door open.  Try not to move.  Stay as still as possible.”

The driver’s door was smashed in where the other car had left its imprint.  The car had literally slammed into my body.  I am lucky to be alive.

The firemen swarming outside of my door couldn’t get it open.  All I knew was I wanted out of there.  The pain was horrible, and I felt trapped.  I remember firemen vaguely talking about not being able to use the “bar” and discussing a plan to get me out of there and transporting me with as little movement possible.

Ma’am, we are going to have to lift you out of the car.  This is the best way to do it.  We are going to lift you over the passenger seat and out of the passenger door.”

A paramedic clambered over the passenger seat into the back seat and helped turn me the right way, carefully supporting my neck.  The husky paramedic with black hair held up my shoulders and back.  They turned me and lived me up and over the driver’s seat.

I knew it was going to happen.  The minute I moved raw pain shot through my back.  I gritted my teeth.

I remember blue sky as they rolled me to the ambulance.  I remember a police officer walking alongside and asking permission to look in my wallet for my driver’s license.  Who the heck cared about that?”  I remember the paramedic asking if I wanted my sister to ride in the ambulance with me.  You bet I did.  I remember rambling on and on about “is my parents’ car okay?” and how “they just bought the car” since I had been borrowing it, and crying and crying about “why did this have to happen?” out loud to ambulance paramedics.  I remember a paramedic answering “God is watching over you.”  I cried on and on about how I had “ruined my parents brand new car” and “WHY did it happen to me?” Those poor paramedics…I’m sure they heard an earful on that short trip to the hospital.

Then a thought shot through my head.

Something I hadn’t even thought of.  Something I didn’t want to think about.

Can I feel my feet?

Part 2:  To be continued

Whew, it gets a little easier to write every single time I sit down to put it on paper!!  This is a very personal part of my story and what makes me part of who I am as a person.  I am so grateful for the paramedics who responded so quickly and took care of me–if you are a paramedic, you are a special person!! The response from all of ya’ll readers about Part 1 was incredible.  To read Part 1, click here.  Thank you for your love and you are the best!!! Download Sparkling Pink Heart Emoji Icon If you do have a story like mine, I would love to hear it.  I love to connect with ya’ll and get to know every single one of you!! Learn more about me on the About Me Page or send me an email via the Contact page.  


Hub City Girl

4 thoughts on “My Car Accident, A Story of Hope and Healing, Part 2

    • I would like to hear about your car accident and will be looking forward to that post. Where were you at the time? I can’t imagine what it was like to be apart from your daughter and go through something like that. This happened some years ago and sometimes it still feels like yesterday…it has been healing to write about it.

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