The Insanely Easy Formula to Wear a Cute Outfit Every Time

I have often asked myself after viewing an outfit put out by a successful fashion blogger, whose picture has been pinned hundreds of thousands of times,

Why has it been pinned hundreds of thousands of times??

What makes this outfit so visually attractive??

Is there a magic formula?? because if so, I want it!!   I want to step out every day feeling secure and happy about what I wear and how I present myself.

I started writing down the components of every outfit I saw that was visually attractive, and gradually, I started to notice a pattern.

Often when you see a cute outfit, there are 4 ingredients that make it come together and look well balanced and attractive.  As long as you include those 4 components, your outfit will be visually attractive.  This is not the perfect answer, and not everyone will  use it.  However, it is a start and hopefully it will help you as much as it has helped me!

What will it accomplish??

  • No more wishing I could dress as cute as the teacher down the hallway.
  • No more clothes piled on my bed at the end of the day from getting ready in the morning and not liking anything I was trying on.
  • No more spending an hour every morning getting ready.
  • No more going to work frustrated with how I look.
  • No more searching Pinterest for hours “wishing I could look like that”

Throw together any 4 of those and you have a gorgeous Pinterest style outfit.

Music Genre Textured Pie Chart Blog Graphics

I am not alone in this theory.  Clinton Kelly, known for his role as co-host in What Not to Wear, as well as a famous Americana fashion consultant, agrees.  On Clinton Kelly’s website, in the article 3 ‘Fashion’ Risks Worth Taking, he mentions these 4 concepts as the key to a compelling outfit.

What do you mean by basic, texture, pattern, and shine??

  • BASIC:  white tee, jeans, a solid color, etc.

  • TEXTURE: leather, suede, tweed, sequins, lace, jeans (anything that gives a rough or raised feeling), etc.

  • PATTERN:  stripes, floral, geometric, bling arranged in a pattern, chevron, gingham, polka dots, letters (anything with a recurring decorative design or anything arranged in order), etc.

  • SHINE: bracelets, nail polish, sparkly letters, shiny shoes (anything flashy or bright), etc.

Here are some outfits from two famous beautiful bloggers and fashion stars in the Instagram fashion world. .  You probably have a favorite fashion blogger as well!  On each one of these pictures, you will find a basic, texture, pattern, and shine.   Go to your Pinterest page and scroll through your pictures, and see if you can find basic, texture, pattern, and shine. Also, go and visit the following blogger: Southern Curls and Pearls So, why do her outfit work?

spring street style
Basic–White T Shirt, Texture–Blue Jeans, Pattern–bling on shoes, Shine–Necklace, watch
spring outfit idea 2017 trends
Basic–Blue Jeans, Texture–Ankle boots, Pattern–Floral shirt , Shine–Purse










 | Memorial Day Weekend Sales and Daily Outfits


Take a look at this outfit from  You can see how she took her basic (white pants), and added pattern through the geometrical pattern on her shirt.  Even though the shirt could count as texture, what draws your eye mostly is the continuous geometric swirls and shapes on it, so it counts as pattern.  After that she finished off with texture, the gorgeous leather purse, and completed with a necklace,, bracelet, and nail polish to add some touches of shine.



Winter Wonderland



One of my new favorite bloggers and a rising star in the fashion world is the lovely Kat from With Love from Kat. Here you can see a winter outfit on this blog post which incorporates these concepts

Basic–White Pants

Texture–her comfy fuzzy coat and warm boots

Pattern–The pattern on her beanie and the patterned ties of her shoes.

Shine–Her ring and purse and on her purse

You may enjoy dressing in a completely different way than any of the above bloggers.  You may enjoy the beautiful preppy style of Classy Girls Wear Pearls, or enjoy the creative flashy, colorful looks on Looking Fly on a Dime.  Good news:  these 4 components work across style lines as well! No matter your style, no matter your closet, including these 4 basics will assist you every time.

Here are some questions I had that you may have as well.

Do I need to go out and buy new clothes for my wardrobe?

  • No, because you can use any of these 4 ingredients for what you have in your closet.  Open your closet doors and give them a try!!

I noticed you counted jeans as a basic and a texture.  Can you explain why?

  • Jeans have a rough surface so they have some texture to them.  At the same time, you may enjoy wearing something with texture (example a leather jacket), with them.  In that case, they could function as a basic as well.

Can we see an example from your closet??

  • Sure!  You can see it if you click here and watch the video.  I will also have some upcoming posts as well!  Basic–Nude shoes, Pattern–Floral pattern on this lace shirt,  Texture–blue jeans, and Shine–Nail Polish and shiny shoes P1090793

So how do I use this in my closet?  How will this help me?

  • Choose what you want to wear for the day. (Example: Jeans, a shirt you’ve been dying to wear, some brand new shoes you purchased)
  • Figure out which part of the graph it fits into.  Is it a basic, pattern, texture, or shine??
  • Build your outfit around that.  Once you have all 4 components, you have a visually attractive outfit!

Have a wonderful Monday and happy “styling” to you!!


Hub City Girl 

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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