My Car Accident, A Story of Hope and Healing, Part 3

Last Saturday, I told the story of the car accident that happened to me a couple of years ago in the following post, “My Car Accident, A Story of Hope and Healing, Part 2.”  Another Saturday later, here is Part 3.

Part 2:  A paramedic clambered over the passenger seat into the back seat and helped turn me the right way, carefully supporting my neck.  The husky paramedic with black hair held up my shoulders and back.  They turned me and lived me up and over the driver’s seat…A thought shot through my head.  Something I hadn’t even thought of.  Something I didn’t want to think about.  “Can I feel my feet?

Part 3:

Miraculously, the hospital was only 5 minutes, or 1.8 miles away.  I could see it from where I was lying in the ambulance.  Do you believe in miracles?  Why do you?

I have always been amazed about this part of it.  The phenomenon of a devastating accident happening only minutes away from help!

I remember crying on and on to the paramedics.  I cannot remember the move from the back of the wailing ambulance into the emergency room.

Instead I remember a blur of images…G-Mom and G-Dad rolling around on their moving wheels, white doctor uniforms hustling about, me crying in pain…

The emergency room was clean, bright and white.

I lay there.

That’s when it started.

It was a wave of pain that rolled from my shoulders down my back.

At regular intervals it would make me shake.  It would go down my back, and it would not stop!

Just give me some pain medicine!”  I pleaded, I begged.

I knew the feeling of the pain medicine going through me, and relaxing all my muscles.  I remembered this from back when I was in the emergency room with appendicitis.  More than anything, I wanted that, now.

Not yet,” the ER nurses answered.

That wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear.

Please…” I begged.

We have to run some tests and x rays on you to find out what’s going on, then we can get that to you.”

Why?  That made zero sense to me.

How long will it take?

Call M–”  I begged.  “I know she will come.

A girl from the school where I taught was the first person that came to mind.  She has a great heart, and I knew she and her husband would be on the way the minute they heard the news.

The waves of pain rolled down me at regular intervals.  I couldn’t do anything but grip the top bars of the hospital bed and wait until they passed.  It went on for 2 solid hours, while they ran tests.  A friend from church was there, helping me and barking motherly questions to the ER.

The doctor came in.

Then I could ask the question I had been wondering the whole long journey to the hospital.

Can I feel my feet?”

I asked it, dreading the answer.

Am I paralyzed?

There was a painful pause.

No, you are not,” the doctor answered.

Somewhere in that time I was transferred from ER to a hospital room.  Finally the pain medicine arrived.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

The morphine flowed down my body.

What a relief!  No more pain.

A bright happy face walked into my room.

J—-!”  I knew her.  She was one of my friend’s best friends and the head nurse on this floor.

I recognized your name and I asked to be assigned to your room.  Don’t worry, we will give you the best care ever,”  she said.

Somewhere through those tedious hours, my parents arrived from Big D.  I had been housesitting for them while they were 6 hours away visiting relatives.

I listened to the blur of the surgeon’s voice flow in and out, in and out.

We don’t want to do surgery on her if at all possible.  If we have to go into surgery, that means there is a 50% chance that she will be–”

I dozed off.  What would I become?

Wonderwoman the 2nd??” I thought…

Oh the morphine was killing me.  It felt good, but this wasn’t me, it was a silly, ridiculous version of me.

“If we have to go into surgery, that means there is a 50% chance that she will be–”

Part 2:  To be continued

This time, it wasn’t quite so hard to put it down on paper!  I am so grateful for the ER and nurses who took care of me–if you work in the ER or you are a nurse, you are a special person!! The response from all of ya’ll readers about Part 1 was incredible.  To read Part 1, click here.  Thank you for your love and you are the best!!! Download Sparkling Pink Heart Emoji Icon If you do have a story like mine, I would love to hear it.  I love to connect with ya’ll and get to know every single one of you!! Learn more about me on the About Me Page or send me an email via the Contact page.  


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