Anyone Can Play Piano–An Online Piano Lesson Twinkle Twinkle

Hello everyone!  On my Mystery Blog Award post one of the 3 things I mentioned about myself is that I play classical piano.  I accompanied for singers and instrumentalists back whenever I was in college, often having never seen the music.  I have also taught piano lessons for 10+ years to all ages.

Anyone can play piano.  I have heard countless grandparents, parents, college students, and kids say,  “I wish I could play piano!  I used to play and I just don’t know if I could anymore.”  My response to that is, “YOU can!!!  Anyone can play piano!

Here is your first piano lesson.  Yes, you can learn to play and then impress someone with your new hobby or skill.   I have chosen “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as a great song for learning the fundamentals and basics.  You can learn this song in about 10-20 minutes.  That’s all it takes!

Don’t forget…you can always pause the video if you want to practice on individual sections.

Eventually I want to branch out and do some popular songs and maybe some Disney as well.   If you have any requests leave in the comment below and I will try to work on some more videos.  Also if you have any questions or if something is confusing, please comment below.  I will answer your question as quickly as possible!

Thanks and have a wonderful day!  Happy practicing!!


Hub City Girl







2 thoughts on “Anyone Can Play Piano–An Online Piano Lesson Twinkle Twinkle

    • Thank you Rachel! I already have a few more videos lined up to go and am working on making them. Piano playing is all about patterns and that can make it a super easy hobby to pick up and learn. I am hoping to do a few Disney songs as well. Any other ideas??


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