Dripping with Gold St. Patrick’s Day Party Cupcakes

Good morning, ya’ll!   I caught the leprechaun, folks.  Happy early St. Patrick’s Day!!  In all seriousness, wouldn’t it be fun to dream that there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, with a little man in a red beard guarding it?

These cupcakes are oozing and dripping with gold…The fun thing about them is that you can make something super easy, super simple, and super creative within minutes!!  You can make them as little appetizers for a St. Patrick’s Day party or for a Leprechaun day school party for your kids.  They are miniature bites of cuteness!

Before we get started, let’s test our knowledge of St. Patrick’s Day.  I have to say, folks, if I answered these questions, half of them I would get wrong.  As a school teacher, I thought I was up to date on current leprechaun lore, but apparently, I am not.  Here goes…

  1. What color should we really be wearing on Leprechaun Day??
  2. Where was Saint Patrick originally from?
  3. Where do leprechauns come from?
  4. Are there gal leprechauns?
  5. What do leprechauns spend their time doing when they are not running from humans?
  6. If a leprechaun is caught, how will he beg for his freedom?
  7. What university has a leprechaun for a mascot?
  8. What country has designated leprechauns as “protected species?”
  9. What famous cereal is related to Leprechauns?
  10. What city hosts the shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade?

You will need these ingredients: Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins, Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme, Yellow Sprinkles, AirHeads Rainbow Xtremes Candy, Pistachio Jello Box, and Yellow M & M’s.  Oh, and a bag of chocolate chips and gold sugar, which somehow failed to make it into my picture.   P1110163The first step is to melt 1/4-1/2 cup of those chocolate chips.  I melted mine in the microwave, stirring it every 20-30 seconds so it wouldn’t scorch.  You can melt it on the stovetop, as well.P1110174Now take the wrapper off of those oh-so-cute mini muffins! P1110168Roll the bottom half in the melted chocolate. P1110179Now put them in the freezer or refrigerator.  P1110183They are ready to be pulled out when the chocolate is firm and not sticky.  When you pull them out, they will look like this.  Pot of gold, anyone? P1110209Cut off the top of the mini muffins.  P1110213Scoop out the middle of the bottom half of the mini muffin with a spoon.  You will have to do this carefully.  Leave the bottom of the muffin intact.  It will look like this when you finish!P1110223Now let’s fill up our pot of gold with GOLD.  Take the yellow M & M’s and chop them up into little teeny tiny pieces.  P1110196Mix in some of the gold sugar and yellow sprinkles.  Look at all of that beautiful gold!!P1110203Now put together your pistachio jello.  Whisk together the jello mix with 2 cups of cold milk for 2 minutes.  Let it set in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.  Take it out and spread a spoonful on your plate.P1110221Now set your “pot of gold”–aka your carved out mini muffin–in the pistachio spread.  Fill up your “pot of gold” with your M & M golden mixture. P1110229

P1110235But you’re not done yet.  We still need a rainbow.  Take out a rainbow airhead and cut it in half.   P1110242Very carefully push it into one side of your pot of gold. Fold it over the top and very gently set the other side of the airhead into the other side of the pot of gold, like the following picture.  Be gentle, you don’t want your pot of gold to fall apart.  If you think it might be falling apart, put it in the fridge so it will harden a little before you proceed.P1110256Let’s add some clouds.  You will use the marshmallow creme.  Make a homemade piping tip and bag.  Take a quart sized bag, cut off the very tip.  Put your piping tip (Mine is from Walmart for 97 cents), inside of the bag.  Now fill up the bag with marshmallow creme, while holding the tip in place.  Push the marshmallow creme down to the tip with your hands.  P1110246


P1110252Slowly pipe the marshmallow creme around the edges of the rainbow to make puffy white clouds.  This will also hold the rainbow in place. P1110258You can put it into the fridge to make everything stay in place!P1110262

P1110270When you cut it open, all of that yummy gold dust spills all over the plate!!P1110293


If you want to decorate your cupcake with a green 4 leaf clover, you can do that.  Gather together the following supplies: toothpick, scrap of green paper (I used green Christmas wrapping paper), glue gun, scissors, pen.P1110296Draw an X on your paper. P1110297Draw a heart inside of each part of the X to make 4 hearts.   Add a stem. P1110299Cut out your 4 leaf clover.P1110301Hot glue the back of your clover to the back of your other paper, like this:P1110304Now cut it out.  P1110305Slide a toothpick carefully in between each paper, so you don’t tear it.  Insert your shamrock into your Pot of Gold muffin for a final beautiful touch.

Enjoy!!  As the Irish Say, “Erin Go Bragh!”


Hub City Girl

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.






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