10 Tips for Those Who Hate to Live in the Country

How many of ya’ll readers out there live in the city but wish you could live in the country??


Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

On the other hand, how many of you live in the city, love it, and never ever in a 1000 years would you ever want to even live out in the boonies where you have to drive miles to reach the nearest Walmart?

Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

If you’re traveling to West Texas, the wind may even blow like this all the time:


Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

So, when Uncle Barnyard calls you and asks if you are headin’ out West to Texas to visit for a good long week, you say a million things about not enjoying visiting the country that you wish you hadn’t, then you pack the car and head on out to the land of grass and sky.   And nothing to do.

Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 
Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

Here are 10 tips for you brave folks who take that trip.

  1.  Relax, you don’t always need your Wi-fi.  Turn off your cell-phone.  Yes, there’s more to see than just good ole West Texas sky.  Maybe a coyote dashing across the road or a hawk circling the sky.  If you really pay attention, every once in a while you might spot a cowboy astride his horse and a swingin’ his arm.

    cell phone
    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com. 
  2. Spend a night stargazing.  You will never see such a spread as you will in the city.  So pour a cup of apple cider and walk outside for the best stargazing you’ve ever had.  Now you’ll know what it means for the stars to light up the sky.

    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com. 
  3.  Carry a good old-fashioned map with you.  Be observant of what surrounds you.
    Yes, because you might be out of range for your cell-phone to pull up google maps.  Cowgirl Sis got a flat tire in one of our Texan “valleys” (these are lower elevations in the road where your cell-phone reception cuts out).

    flat tire
    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com. 

    She was out of cell-phone range.  So she hiked up the road to the higher point and called on her phone for help before descending to change the tire.  So just saying, if you’re relying on Google maps, you might be out of luck.

    google map
    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com. 

    And let’s face it, often the only way to tell one gravel road from another is the small rock on the left side of the road and the rusty green gate with a barbed wire fence on the right.  Hey, when rural roads are often grandly named CR 1254 or  Farm to Market Road 1270 or aren’t even named at all, following directions can get kind of tough.

    Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 
  4.  Pack a pair of jeans and t-shirt.  Oh, and don’t forget the baseball hat and boots.  We don’t wrangle in a suit and tie.  We just don’t.  Time to get relaxed.  Pack your best pair of jeans that fit well and your cutest light-weight t-shirt, and you fit right in.  For a long day out in the sun, you will need your baseball hat, by the way.  Oh, and no way do you want to venture out in a pair of flip-flops.  The sticker burrs will get you.  (“What in the sky are those”, you say?  I’ll cover those in another post.)  Run on down to the Western store and get you a good ole pair of boots.  Or if you just don’t use them that much to spend that much money,  pack a sturdy pair of tennis shoes.  (I still say, try them boots!)

    cowboys boots
    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com. 
  5. Load up on the Sunscreen.  It’s Texas, folks.  We got sun.  Lots of it!

    Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 
  6. Sleep in Rise early and put on some biscuits and gravy.  What better way to start your day than a breakfast that breaks the bank.  Wake up bright and early, open those windows and let that fresh silent country air drift inside.  Time to add the delicious smells of fresh spicy sausage gravy simmering away and flaky, crusty, perfect, beautiful biscuits rising to perfection in the oven.  Throw on some bacon and eggs and watch that bacon sizzle to absolute perfection!  Put on a bubbling pot of extra dark coffee and enjoy all of that as the cool quiet air filters through your hacienda.  While you ponder your day ahead or read the news, this wonderful restful silence will calm your mind and relax your body.  This is the way we do yoga in the country, folks.
    Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

    There’s nothing like a good ole country breakfast!

  7. P1040652Treat your car to a last city car wash.  That’s right folks, because your car will shine with glorious “dust” and “dirt” from now on.
  8.  Create things to do.   Time to take up a hobby.  If you want art, you have to make it.  After all, what’s better than spending your time doing something?  Raise your own chickens.  Learn to BarbQ to perfection.  Create prize-winning salsa. Take up four-wheeling.  Paint the sunset.  Grow a garden. And at the end of the day, treat yourself to a homemade supper that’s more heavenly than any restaurant-made hash.
    Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

    Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 
  9. Go make some friends.   Real live friends.  Not Twitter or Facebook friends.  There’s enough talk at the local-owned restaurant to go around.  Go make some friends.  They may poke good-natured fun at your accent or how you are dressed for the day or the fact that you ain’t in one of ’em big ole country trucks, but that usually means they’re breaking you in, they like you, and probably won’t mind at all if you poke some fun right back.  After all, you can’t take life too seriously where the only music is the howl of the coyote and your best friend is your Palomino horse or your ole Ford truck.

    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com. 
  10. Time to invest in your best friend–an animal.  Ever wonder why us rural folks often have a dog or a pack of dogs?   If you live out in the boonies, you’re never alone if you’ve got your animal at your side.

    Image courtesy of http://www.pexels.com.

 If you were to dislike living in the country, do you think you could learn to love it?   Could you live without Wi-fi, without Facebook, without Twitter??  Would you rise up early or sleep in late?  Could you live without a Walmart nearby??   Or would you absolutely love it?  Write your thoughts below.  

Happy trails and travels to you!


Hub City Girl

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.




4 thoughts on “10 Tips for Those Who Hate to Live in the Country

  1. Friend,
    I just loved this post. It felt as if I were right there with you. Enjoyed watching the wind blow the prairie grass, seeing rusted out old trucks, West Texas sunsets… Sigh, I miss it all! Thanks for giving me a break in the middle of the day. I enjoy your writing style here! I would drop my cell phone in the bottom of an old dried up well forever without looking back – if I could!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, friend! I’ve been thinking for a while now what really makes country living attractive, and these were some of the things that just really stood out. I like how you said, “I would drop my cell phone in the bottom of an old dried up well forever without looking back…” I feel the exact same way! 🙂


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