Oh-So-Delish Party Nacho Tortilla Cone Recipe


These little cones of delicious nacho goodness will be a hit at your next party.  They are full of all sorts of delicious nacho ingredients, stuffed into a tortilla cone!

You don’t even have to have a plate for them, you can stand there and chow down, just like you would eat an ice-cream cone.  That’s the magic of this yummy and delicious dinner.  Recipes for Tomato Paste-2
I admit it, I was binge-watching “Carnival Eats” the other day (yes, I will watch food shows for hours sometime!). This one genius food trucker was stuffing an ice-cream cone with all sorts of dessert trifle ingredients, like pudding, strawberry sauce, and all sorts of yummy concoctions.

That got me thinking.  If you can stuff an ice-cream cone with dessert ingredients that aren’t related to ice cream, why can’t you make a cone out of something else and fill it with ingredients that have nothing to do with ice cream??

Take nachos for instance.

Hence the invention of the…nacho tortilla cone!

So how do you make the cone.  Take a 12 inch tortilla and wrap it around your hand, to form a point at the end.   P1090989

Now thread it with a small toothpick. P1090998

It should fit in your hand like this. You should be able to hold it like you would an ice cream cone.P1090996

Put an oven-safe mug onto a cooking tray, and put the cones point down into the mug. P1100002

It will look like this.

P1100005Turn your oven on the BROIL setting.  Once your oven has heated, put your tortilla cones into the oven.  Check OFTEN so they don’t burn.  Broil will work extra fast because it is extra hot.  It will give the tortillas some crispiness.  You shouldn’t need to leave them in there more than a minute.   They should have a little bit of crisp on them. You can’t skip this step and go straight to the cooking sheet or they will end up cooking flat.P1100007

Now lay the half-way cooked cones on the cookie sheet. You may need to mold them and adjust them to ensure they keep their cone shape before you put them on the cookie sheet.  This is okay, they will not break. Brush them with just a touch of vegetable oil. (The oil is optional.)

Put them back into the oven on BROIL and leave them in there for about a minute.  Watch them like a hawk.  They will burn fast!!

When you pull them out of the oven, they should look nice and crispy like this: P1110001

Now you get to fill them with all sorts of delicious treats.  You should be able to remove the toothpicks now and they should stay together.  You may need to mold the cones a little while they are still hot to make sure there is still room to stuff them.

  1. Smother the inside of the tortilla cone with refried beans.  You can use a can of refried beans, or you can make your own.  I took a can of pinto beans, put some leftover bacon fat in it, added pinto bean seasoning, and mashed it up with a potato masher as it cooked on the stove.  The stove cooks out the juices and turns it into refried beans.  I was craving the homemade kind, but if you want to make it easy just get a good ole can of refried beans.P1110011
  2. Now add cooked seasoned hamburger meat.  To make the hamburger meat, I took a 1 lb of hamburger meat, put it on the stovetop, and cooked it.  Then after I drained it, I mixed in a packet of taco seasoning. P1110014
  3. Add chopped tomatoesP1110024
  4. Stuff in some chopped lettuce. P1110026
  5. Add Fiesta Blend cheeseP1110034
  6. Top with guacamole.  Because I am a sucker for anything homemade, I made this recipe: Perfect Guacamole Recipe.  The delicious flavors of this homemade guacamole are unreal and out of this world!  However, if you want something easy, you can just buy pre-made guacamole or  purchase a guacamole mix and make it yourself. Look at that beautiful green.  Nothing beats the tempting flavor of guacamole.P1110035
  7. Top with a small dollop of sour cream and picante sauceP1110054
  8. If you have some jalapeño peppers on hand, you can add a few slices of those as well.  At this point I was so hungry to eat that tempting yummy cone, I completely forget about the peppers.

Recipes for Tomato Paste

No plates, no silver ware, no fuss.  If you are worried about it dripping, wrap the cone with a napkin or aluminum foil.  It’s deliciousness all stuffed into a cone!! So easy and fun!!

If you would prefer different ingredients, you can add your own.  You really can’t go wrong with anything Tex-Mex.

I hope you enjoy this country recipe from the kitchen of your very own Hub City Girl…Enjoy!


Hub City Girl

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.


12 thoughts on “Oh-So-Delish Party Nacho Tortilla Cone Recipe

  1. Genius! I cannot wait to try this! I even like the dessert cone idea! I love watching food shows and getting inspired. I will definetly try these for a party.

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