Golden Items to Watch For When Thrifting

The Thrift Store Hunt Can Yield Valuable Treasures!”  claims the title of a Forbes Magazine article.  Is this really true?  In another article, Forbes goes on to state that hunting through the cache of a secondhand store is not inferior or cheap, but instead can work to the advantage of a sensible and perceptive shopper.  While some imagine a store wreaking with smells of unwanted and torn clothing, there are in actuality hidden gems waiting to be unearthed.  book-stack-books-bookshop-264635

Forbes cites the following example:

  • An NC thrift store purchase of a Vince Lombardi Jacket for 58 cents which was actually worth $43,020.

Holy Cow!  The stories go on…ListVerse mentions the story in this article of Michael Sparks, who happened to find an old piece of paper for $2.48.  This document, however, ended up not just being any “old document”, but was actually one of the original 200 copies of the Declaration of Independence.  It sold for $477, 650.  What an incredible find!

Then on a smaller scale there is a good friend of mine, who found a lovely painting at a local veteran’s thrift store and purchased it for $2.  She loved the beauty of the brush marks and the gorgeous look.  After she and her husband did some research, she found out that it was worth $300.

A fellow blogger, Becoming His Tapestry, left a great comment on a recent article on Hub City Girl. “Great post, I usually do ask myself these questions before I go shopping. I also like to set dollar limits because I do have the tendency to overspend 🤣.”  Thank you, Brenda, for your lovely comment!  In one of her posts, “Thrift…Anyone With Me? she shows some beautiful outfits that she found while thrifting for incredible prices.  She knows how to thrift shop!

There’s lil ole me, who had an Ebay business selling secondhand used clothing.  There were some beautiful pieces of clothing out there for ridiculously wonderful prices, just waiting to be snatched up and for someone to truly appreciate their loveliness.   Needless to say, one of my favorite things to do is thrift shop!

Are you a thrift store shopper? What do you look for when you thrift shop?  Furniture, kid’s toys, clothing, jewelry, odds and ends, the unusual…??

These are some items I look for when thrifting.

  • Does it look and feel original and authentic?   Learn to differentiate between the “cheap” items and the items of value.   Does the material feel sturdy?  Are there extra details to the item?  Is the furniture made of genuine wood or not?  Is the sweater fuzzy and worn?  Is the item made of plastic or of genuine glass?   Is the material genuine leather or polyurethane leather?  In the story I mentioned earlier, Michael Sparks noticed the attractiveness and the feel of the Declaration of Independence.  He knew it wasn’t just a reproductive copy, it was too lovely to be a 2017 piece of paper.
  • Is the item unusual and unique?  I have learned from reselling items, that an unusual item, that feels original and authentic, and is unusual, is usually a valuable find.  If it catches your eye, or there is just something about it, it may be worth it.  I remember noticing a pair of glass lamps on the top of a Goodwill rack for $10.  No matter what I did, I could not take my eye away from those lamps and I kept going back to them.   I went home, did some research, and drove back for them that day.  A single lamp was selling on Ebay for over a $100!   Now they grace my room, and I hope to find some lampshades to go with them, eventually.

    One of the lamps I drove back for.
  • Can I use it for a DIY project?  I love to find items for a couple of bucks and repurpose them.  As long as I can’t find a new product for cheaper, this is a fun hobby that saves me time and money.  I guess you could say I’m like a “flipper” on Flea Market Flip.  My most recent project I am working on is converting a footstool I found for a couple of bucks into a beautiful faux fur comfortable stool.  I will posting some DIY project for the upcoming weeks!P1110464
  • Is it a house supply?  I have found every thing from canning jars to house decor at my local thrift store.  P1110515


  • Is it a lovely piece of clothing?  Has it been well used?  Is it sitting there, with the tags still on it, waiting to be worn and loved??  Does it have gorgeous details on it?  There are so many options out there that if you just search for them, you will find!

Happy thrifting!!


Hub City Girl

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

12 thoughts on “Golden Items to Watch For When Thrifting

  1. I looked around my house, recently and it dawned on me, that my entire house has mostly been furnished from thrifted, yard/garage sales items. I love it. I am convinced that I have somewhere in my collection a genuine ‘money maker’ find. Perhaps someday we will find out. Thank you for the ‘shout out’ 😊

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  2. We can live under the same roof. I do same as you. I am just started another shop on etsy selling clothes I have been collecting some 8-9 years ago, I have so many that I have taken a break for a two or three days and then I will continue to post them to Etsy. And I have another shop that I am selling lots of thrifts from my own house that was bought and left in cupboards for many, many years. They are all on Etsy and they have to go. Both my shops are new. Hopefully they will start to sell soon.

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  3. Hello! I just came across this post, and love it! Thanks for all the great tips and informative articles. The thrifting posts are some of my favorites! Looking forward to your DIY posts! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Rachel! There are already some more thrifting posts in the works, and the DIY posts will soon be scheduled, I hope…as soon as I can finish the actual project itself. 🙂


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