Key Tips to Decorating Small Spaces

Better Homes and Garden calls them “small but mighty” in this article.  There they are, in all of their glory.  700 square feet.  Tiny rooms.  Little coves of delight.  They are the small spaces.  Decorating small spaces can be awkward and intimidating.  When I first moved into my very own small rental property away from my parents ranchette, I walked into the tiny living room, and said “What do I do with this?”  There was hardly enough room to fit a full set of living room furniture.  Such tiny spaces, full of elegant possibilities.

Hub City Girl’s “dining room”.   She uses seasonal plants to achieve a pop of natural color.

Do you have a small space?  Are you currently living in a tiny home or apartment?  Do you have an awkward space in your large home?  Is your master bedroom tiny and cramped?  Do you fit 3 or 4 children into one bedroom?

Here are some key first steps to maximize those small spaces.

  • Do you de-clutter thoroughly?  Small spaces can become even smaller with more clutter.  I have heard Television Host Joanna Gaines say often on her show ‘Fixer Upper’ that “Simple is more.”  Even children’s rooms can feel cleaner and more organized if they have a designated place to store all of their toys and knick-knacks.   My bathroom counter is very small but I am able to keep some space open by keeping beauty supplies and other items contained within a tray. P1080678
  • Do you use paint colors to your advantage?  Bright, light colors open up a space.  Dark colors make a space feel more cozy.  Which goal are you trying to accomplish?  I painted my house a light “Comet Dust” gray, accenting the trim with white, but my bathroom I painted completely white.  Why?  Because my bathroom is small, has no windows or natural lighting, and I want to make sure I don’t create the illusion of a smaller space with a darker color.
  • Do you think vertically?  In the early 1920’s, cities like New York were crowded and needed more space, but they were contained in a small area, so they expanded upward with skyscrapers.  Use the height of your home to your advantage.  Hang your shower curtain high to make your home feel taller than it is.  If you have children, a bunk bed would create some more floor space.  Massive, bulky furniture can be tucked into a corner to move it out of the walkway, instantly creating more space. A tiered tray could be used for storage to create more room on the counter.
  • Do you use the awkward spaces to their potential?   Maybe your front door opens directly into the living area, like mine.   Those little corners of space can be soP1110515 incredibly awkward. I have a small area for a dining table, but it causes my table to run into the sofa and leaves hardly no space to walk.  My solution was to move the bistro table to the other side of the room in an empty, useless corner, like you see in the picture.  It also somewhat hides the hot water heater door (sshhh…don’t tell anyone) next to the kitchen.  It creates a beautiful little “dining corner” in an otherwise awkward area.   Viola!  Problem solved.
  • Do you use reflective surfaces to give the illusion of more space?  Mirrors can be scary, but I happen to love them.   I think it’s because my Nana W had a mirror at the end of her tiny sitting room.  As a little girl, I would stare into that mirror for hours, wondering how to cross over to the room on the other side.  I truly thought the room went on forever and ever!    This is a solution for if you ever feel claustrophobic.  Other reflective surfaces that can achieve the same objective can include glass shelves, glossy paint, and metallic colors.
  • Do you make your decor livable and functional?  It took me a while to understand, but when I did, it was a lifesaver!!   It was an eye-opener when I went to a friends home and realized that a vintage medal can tucked into the corner was really functioning as a hidden trash can, not just there for the sake of rustic decor.  The lovely blankets tucked into the medal basket in the living room weren’t just to add a pop of color, that’s where they were actually stored!!  The gorgeous jars on the bathroom shelf weren’t for the sake of interior design.  Bars of soap and q tips resided inside.   The pretty little glass dish on the bedroom dresser just wasn’t sitting there for decor, but it held stray bobby pins.  Everything had a purpose and was very functional.

These are some key first steps you can accomplish on a budget.  You don’t have to go out and purchase anything, expect for maybe paint if that is your choice.   Take 15 minutes of your day today and take one 1st step towards opening up your small living space.  Move some furniture around, or transform a jar from your kitchen cabinet into a beautiful storage piece.  As you accumulate each of these 15 minutes, over weeks and weeks, your small spaces will be transformed.

If you are interested in seeing my small living room, go to Welcome to My Living Room+Coffee Chat.

I would like to give a shout-out to 2 of the many wonderful comments that were left on Hub City Girl.  These comments were randomly chosen out of all of the lovely thoughts that were penned.  Thank ya’ll for expressing your thoughts!

Magic in the Everyday wrote “I want to send more letters! There is nothing like getting a letter in the mail ❤.”   It is so wonderful to meet others who enjoy receiving or giving a handwritten letter. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts!

Felicity from Oliver and Moose wrote, “These look so delicious! Such a great idea!”  Thank you, Felicity!  I am glad you enjoyed the nacho cone recipe.  I hope they will make many fellow “nacho-lovers” happy for many years to come.

Thank ya’ll my lovely readers for sharing your opinions.  I welcome them.  It is lovely to know your thoughts.

Happy decorating!!

Hub City Girl


FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.


  1. Rachel

    Very informative post, thanks for putting together several useful ideas! I like the idea of using every day items to store things. Thanks for another great post!

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