How I Won the War With Acne

Did you know that as of 2017, 60 million Americans struggle with the same common disease?   Out of those 60 million, according to surveys, 57 million battle self-esteem and depression, all from the same troublesome condition.  This staggering numbers hit home with me.  Why?  Because I have been one of those 60 million searching for the perfect solution to winning the war with acne, only to be disappointed time after time.  Can you identify?  Do you have a child or friend who also struggles with acne?

I finally got so tired of those troublesome, painful little zits, that I started experimenting around with different options, trying many different products, and doing a lot of research from skin care specialists.   I have tried diets, drinking gallons of water, taken supplements, used multiple cleansers, and many of the typical methods you hear to achieve healthy skin.  While I am not dismissing these ideas, I will be sharing something different today.

This is also not the ultimate cure that will work every single time, but I do hope it will be of some help to you!   I am not a skin care doctor, or a beauty expert.  I can only share what finally, after some years, has worked successfully for me.    The answer for me has not been a particular product, or a certain diet, but an overall change in the way that I handle my skin care and view my body.

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How do you view your skin?

  • Our skin is a beautiful and amazing part of our body.  Do you treat it with the respect it deserves?  After all, it is the first layer of defense that protects our bodies from the outer elements and invading organisms.  Our skin includes cells from our immune system which help detect foreign bacteria/viruses and also help remove them.  You can read more about that from the Net Doctor here.  It bothers me now all of those times that I have worked on my DIY projects or cleaned my house and put aside the gloves, coating my hands with paint, stain, lysol, and other chemicals.

What most irritates your skin? 

  • Michelle Cose-Gee, who owns her own skin care studio, has worked with dermatologists, and has years of skin care experience under her belt, writes here about the effects certain cosmetics can have on your skin.   Did you know that some makeup can irritate your skin cells?   I struggled for a long time with my face breaking out constantly.  No matter what diet I ate, how much water I drank, or what cleansers I used, my face would still break out.  When I gradually made a transition to generally paraben free and mineral infused makeup,  I noticed a difference.  I believe that the foundation, concealer, and blush I was using, actually helped cause the breakouts I would have.  Did you know hair products can have the same effects?  I have had to trade chemical-filled hairspray for a chemical-free hair spritz that still holds my hair styling just as well.  The oils from certain perfumes and lip gloss have also irritated my skin, causing acne around my neck and mouth.  Shaving cream is another skin product that might possibly have ingredients that result in break-outs.

Did you know that some every day chemicals can cause acne break-outs?

  • An average American would never intentionally put chemicals on their face, but many of the ingredients in our laundry soap, cleaning supplies, and even some soaps are filled with chemicals that actually fill up the pores on your skin instead of helping to keep them clean.  The Art of Skincare has a list of drugs and chemicals that cause acne here.  Did you know that fabric softener is a comedogenic carrier?  Yes, you may be washing your pillow cases every day to halt the onset of acne, but the fabric softener you may be washing with may use chemicals that obstruct your skin pores, causing break outs and defeating your purpose in washing them.  Do you use the pool often?  Certain chlorine filled chemicals irritate the skin, causing acne.   Are you OCD about cleaning?  The cleaning supplies that you are around may be causing an acne build-up.  There are multiple chemicals out there that you could possibly be exposed to that can result in acne.

Do you clean up after yourself?

  • Clean anything that touches your face.  Wash your pillow case with chemical-free laundry soap.  If you wear the same hoodie daily, wash it.  Use chemical-free wipes to clean off your phone.  I use disinfectant wipes that kill 99% of germs (even flu viruses) botanically, instead of chemically.
  • Go to bed with nothing on.  Meaning, makeup.  I cannot count the number of days that I have gone to bed with makeup still on and I have a break out within the next few days.  I know some days it is all you can do to get yourself in bed because life gets hectic, but try at least once a week to take some time to go to bed with zero cosmetics on.  Your face will fall in love!
  • Establish a cleansing routine.  My cleansing routine is simple.  I have heard mixed reviews about how dermatologists feel about this product, but for me $1.48 baking soda is the trick of the trade.  Generally I will wash my face once a week with a little water mixed with baking soda.  If my skin is more oily than usual, I will wash it more often.  The baking soda exfoliates, cleanses, and refreshes my skin beautifully.   It is also rumored to help balance the PH levels of your face.   I also try to put on a French green clay mask once a week.  While it is drying, I do my dishes or get some cleaning done.  Sometimes life gets busy and I skip it, but I do try.
French green clay mask that I use.   Image courtesy of

Do you still crave chocolate?

  • Go for it, then!  French fries, too?  Why not?  Focus on moderating your iodide ingestion.  I am not saying to completely remove those foods with iodine from your life, because iodine is necessary for the thyroid to function properly, but I am suggesting to eat them in balance.  Iodine enters your body through food such as oysters or shrimp and your body sends it out through your skin cells, causing them to break out.  You don’t just find it in shellfish, however.  Did you know that some health foods and sports drinks contain high levels of iodine?  If you drink or eat an unusual quantity of any of these foods or drinks, you may want to reconsider.  Too much iodine can cause the thyroid to mis-function, causing hormonal imbalances.  What is the common word that you hear with hormonal imbalances?  Acne.  You can read more about thyroid function here.

Do you love your skin?

  • Show it some love.  Be gentle.  I rinse my face with my soap and warm water, and then douse it carefully with a splash of cold water to “wake” my skin cells up.
  • Consider taking a probiotic and an apple cider vinegar pill every day.  The ever famous Dr. Axe mentions that apple cider vinegar can help with improving skin health.  Having taken both of these supplements daily for over a year now, I can tell you that such is the case. According to medical research, there is a bacteria strain that results in acne, and apple cider vinegar helps to prevent that bacterial growth.  You can read more here.
  • Invest in luxurious pillow cases.  Did you know that a silk pillow case is marvelously healthy for your skin?  You heard that right!  Some dermatologists will tell you that it is as good as a skin care supplement.  The silk fibers do not draw out the natural moisture from your face like a cotton pillow case does, keeping your skin from being exposed to allergen and bacteria.   Here is an article from Katie Patton showing the differences in her face from Day 1 to Day 7, using a silk pillow case.   Silk pillow cases are also rumored to help us women age gracefully, meaning fewer wrinkles, and healthier hair!
  • “Photoshop skin”? Just stop!  Photoshop and other photo editing programs can do many amazing things, including editing out acne and concealing blemishes.  Likely the perfect face you see on a magazine rack at the store is not the original photo, but has been changed.  Avoid trying to achieve what a computer program has accomplished, but instead work towards an attainable goal!

Comments of the Week:

Cathi at overthehillontheyellowbrickroad wrote, “Everything you wrote rings true in my life. My kids are young adults now, but I remember those particular days when they were younger that you described in your post. I can make one suggestion. Sometimes instead of doing the laundry when I was about to go off the deep end, I went out and bought new underwear. It did cost a bit more than doing the laundry on schedule, but it saved my sanity.”

Thank you, Cathi!  I couldn’t agree more, and it was wonderful hearing from someone who has raised kids, has lived (and survived) through the hectic life I wrote about, and now has young adults.

Regarding Before You Trash It, Do This, Kellie over at The Wholehearted Wardrobe wrote, “I love the idea of drying herbs! Genius!

Thank you Kellie!  I know this has saved me money and made it so that I had enough herbs on hand for recipes.

Happy skin care to you!!


Hub City Girl

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

5 thoughts on “How I Won the War With Acne

  1. Excellent information! Thanks for a more in-depth post on skin care. This is a subject I’m wanting to learn more about. Any suggestions for a paraben free (generally healthy) face powder? I use this instead of the heavier creams and liquid foundations, but would like a natural version. Thanks again!

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    • Hello Rachel! I am gradually making the switch over to Pacifia ( and Mineral Fusion ( makeup. Most of my cosmetics are from Pacifia. When I just started using Pacifia, I was coming down with acne on one part of my face, I covered the acne with the concealer, and the acne never even surfaced completely, it went away within a day. For this reason I highly recommend Pacifia. The only downside is that while they are more affordable, there are only a few shades for foundation and powder to match your skin color. I would suggest Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation, which has 15 different shades for you to choose from. Mineral Fusion states on their website that their goal is “to leave skin in better condition than we found it” and they use minerals in their products. I hope this helps!! Have a great Tuesday!! 🙂


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