How to Make a Hanging Basket Oasis

This past week has been a nightmare of negativity followed by a rainbow in my personal life.  I am going to be a little personal and share that I have laid awake at nights crying over hostility, demoralization, and distrust, not relationship-wise, but in my profession.  I cannot share details but I can say that in all of this, the blogging world has been a shining light!  Thank you, followers, for your positivity!!!  It truly brightens up my life in ways you cannot imagine!!

When things get stressful, I usually try to find a hobby I can distract myself with.  This week it was planting.  I have been researching some plant ideas for decorating my little carport with plants.  Whether it was the humor of this post I think I’m going potty…by Living in Paradise, or this special Ways to Make Potted Plants Look Special by Rebecca,  I have been inspired.  This stunning Enchanted Fairy Garden has me dreaming about all sorts of upcoming projects!!  You, too, can create a little garden oasis to come home to.

My inspiration behind choosing the types of flowers I did comes from this fantastic article about Great Trailing Plants for Containers, which also has pictures of beautiful displays of gorgeous hanging baskets that have already grown successfully.  You can also buy pre-planted baskets of color, and this is a great option when life gets busy.  Last year, for the sake of time, I did just this.  They hung in my carport all summer and were so pretty.   This year, I wanted to try to create my own.  By creating my own, I can choose what colors go in my basket.

My very first step was to make a trip to the store and fill up my cart with some goodies.  I chose plants that the tag says specifically “Great for hanging baskets,” and love the “Full Sun“.   Most of these are different types of petunias.  There is one Great Regal Blue Scopia, a SuperCal Petchoa, and an Impatien.   I did pick up one Goldilocks Creeping Jenny because I just could not resist the name.  Most of these plants were in the $1.35 range, nothing was over $6.98.

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I found these wire hanging baskets at a secondhand store and made a deal for them.  Then Joann’s was doing a 60% off sale on all of their plant liners+a coupon for 20% off total purchase so I ended up picking them up for $7 total.   Another option is to make your own burlap liner.  You can usually purchase a yard of burlap for $2-$3.

Image courtesy of

I gathered up my supplies: potting mix, flowers, small shovel, and some scoops from my compost pile.  If you don’t have a compost pile, you can always purchase compost soil at the store.

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I put some lightweight potting mix into the liner, and mixed a scoop from my compost pile.  My next step was to crumble up some egg shells from the expired eggs in my fridge and sprinkle them in the dirt.  Plants love the calcium from the eggs.

Image courtesy of

Now comes the fun part:  arranging the plants.  I placed the trailing plants (plants that cascade) on the edge so they can venture their sweet selves over the sides.

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My goal was to have an attractive display of colors in each basket.  I arranged my plants inside of the hanging baskets before I actually planted them.  I played around with it, moving different plants in different baskets, until I was happy with the combination.  You can do this too–make it your own!  There is at least one trailing plant per basket.  As they flourish, they will grow into a basketful of gorgeousness.

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Once I had decided which colors pair best together, I was ready to finish planting them.

Image courtesy of

I took out the plants, set them in their places, and piled potting mix around them.

Image courtesy of

The impact in my worn brown carport is amazing.  All it took was hanging up three different baskets loaded with color and elegance!  IMG_20180423_182526


You can do this too, and at very little cost.  It took me less than 45 minutes to complete all 3.  If you are making a single basket for an accent piece for your porch, it would only take about 15 minutes.  This project had intimidated me in the past, because I thought “oh, I don’t know, I just have no idea what plants will grow well in a hanging basket.”  After reading the articles I mentioned earlier, I thought, you know what, “this might actually be easier than I think.”  In reality, it actually was very simple, and choosing the plants only took about 30 minutes.  Simply growing petunias would also be a great option, and right now this early in spring time petunias are sold everywhere, in all different colors!

Comments of the Week:

Regarding What Happens When A Foot Stool Gets a DIY Makeover,  Kelly from kelleysdiy wrote:  You did such a beautiful Makeover…wonderful!!!

Thank you Kelly!  I really appreciate your comment.  It was such a fun project to tackle.  Thank you for bringing such positivity to my day!

Thank you, Jubilee!  The last outfit was my favorite, too, and I came home with every piece.  Thank you for your comment!

Happy planting to you!!



FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.


  1. Rachel

    Hello, friend! I simply LOVE this post! You are inspire me to try new things and I love the flower choices. I completely agree that having some bright, cheerful flowers to welcome you home is such a pleasant, stress reliever! I’d enjoy seeing an update post on your baskets as they grow and fill out. Thank you for sharing your heart and life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hub City Girl

      Thank you!! It really helped with taking my mind off of a mountain of pressure. You are right, it is so much fun to pull up to a carport full of beautiful flowers!!! I will keep you updated as they grow and branch out!! 🙂


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