One Act of Kindness

It warms my heart when someone you don’t even know steps out on a limb to help you and bring back some of the sparkle in the journey of your life.  One of the loveliest, most beautiful feelings in life comes from a random act of kindness by a stranger.  With the simple act of a word, a smile, or a gift, my heart feels surrounded by warmth and selflessness.  Dear Readers, what is your story of an act of compassion from a stranger?  I will feature your story with a link to your site in an upcoming blog post.

My act of kindness happened Wednesday of last week.  These last couple of weeks I have reached one of the lowest points of my life and hit rock bottom.  I literally feel like I give and give and sacrifice and sacrifice to my career, and my “cup” is never refilled from giving.   I am in the middle of preparing for one of our kids’ Disney musical performances, so I was running around town picking up the last few items for that.  Because I had promised my students some prizes for the week, I stopped by Dollar Tree to pick them up.

I scurried around the store, grabbing up a few items, and waited in line.  The cashier was a senior citizen of some years, her lovely gray hair pulled back in the bun.  She was smiling and chatting away with the man ahead of me in line.

It was my turn to checkout.  She reached for my items.  “You know, a lot of time I see kids come in and they choose their own toys, but rarely do I see a mother who thinks of their kid while they are away from them and brings back a toy to take home to them!”

Thank you!” I responded warmly.   “Actually, these are for my kiddos at school.  I have this reward system called the 5 star listeners.  When students are doing a good job in class, they receive a star on the white board.  Once they earn 5 stars, they can look in the prize box.  I can also erase stars if they aren’t making a good choice.”  This is a method that has worked so well for my particular group of students that the simple act of saying nothing and erasing a star can make a chatty class go completely quiet.

She listened and talked away, interested in my 5-star listening method and my programs.  When she finished, she handed me the receipt.

You are doing a great job.” she said.

That was my random act of kindness.  It was only six little words, but that dear little old lady will never know how she filled someone’s empty cup.

What is your random act of kindness from a stranger?  

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  1. Liz Flynn

    I was doing all my last minute Christmas shopping and I was really stressed. I had parked miles away from the shops and was loaded up with about 20 carrier bags of presents for my children ( I have four). The largest bag burst all over the floor and I was struggling to pick up the presents and keep hold of the other bags. I was nearly crying. A woman walked up to me and gave me a bag to put everything in and helped me to pack. It wasn’t just a free carrier bag from the shop. It was an actual shopping bag that she had paid for. She told me to keep it and have a good Christmas.

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  2. TheFashionedWoman

    I just want to say that I know the struggle is so real for teachers these days. The fact that you are ethical alone is priceless. I am so glad this lady filled your cup! My random act of kindness happened when I was nine years old, I know it is not recent, but it goes along with the teacher theme. A kind teacher like yourself took me into her kindergarten class (the other teachers in the1st-3rd grade said I would be too difficult) and taught me to read and write. To her, I owe my love for reading, writing and education. I just wanted you to know that teachers matter very much. Keep giving, those kids need it.

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    1. Hub City Girl

      This comment means so much to me! Thank you for understanding and for appreciating. I loved reading about the teacher who impacted your life in such a positive way. It gives me inspiration to keep on trying. 🙂 Thank you for filling my cup today!

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  3. Rejoicing In Hope

    The story that comes to mind for me is my sand dollar story. Several years ago my family and I were on vacation, and we had gone to the beach. I was walking and talking to God, and I asked Him if I could find a whole sand dollar- just because. My grandma and my sister were collecting shells and such along the way, and when I came up to them I asked if they had found any whole sand dollars. They had several broken parts and pieces, but no whole ones.
    As we were standing there talking, an older man and his dog came walking up from the opposite direction. When he reached us, he handed me something and then kept walking. It was a sand dollar. I believe my sister then asked me why he handed that to me. To them it was random but to me…it was special. God must have specifically did that for me.
    So, there’s my random act of kindness. The sand dollar became my love sign from God, and I still remember it. I also toss around the idea that I met an angel on the beach that day!
    I’ve thought about writing an article on my blog about this and I still might…but feel free to use it for your post! 💗💗

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  4. Hub City Girl

    What a beautiful story!…I cried a little. To read how God special-delivered that sand dollar just for you. What a wonderful way of knowing His nearness and love for you. I love how you call it a “love sign from God.”


  5. Rachel

    Precious and deeply encouraging post! This past week was a struggle since my grandpa passed away. While we were traveling back and forth my husband and I stopped by a coffee shop and he brought me my favorite mocha mint coffee. On the side, along with my name, was a note that read: “Your smile could change someone’s day! <3" This was so uplifting! Someone I'll never know took time to share the importance of what it can mean to simply give a smile to others!

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    1. Hub City Girl

      Hi Rachel! I am so very sorry for your loss with the passing of your grandfather. If you need anything, please let me know. It is so wonderful how God placed this person right there to leave a note to meet your needs and to show you how much He cares! It’s amazing how one act of kindness can bless and brighten your day. Many hugs 💗 💗


    2. ...

      Hi Rachel. Sorry for your loss. You are so lucky to have had so much time to get to know your grandpa, I never got to meet any of my grandparents and my parents died many years ago now. May the Lord bless you.

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  6. ...

    Yesterday I picked up 3 guys (in their 40’s I would guess) and a small dog which was blind. They had had so much bad luck with their car. I was early for work so went out of my way to drop them at their motel. It felt good to be able to help someone and their thanks was all the reward i needed.

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