Blog Party & Guest Post Giveaway!

Drum roll, please… it’s time for a giveaway!  I hinted at a surprise to some of you readers and here is the surprise.  It won’t be just one giveaway for today, but a whole WEEK of giveaways of a wide variety, one for every day!!!!!  All giveaways for the entire week are open until Sunday, May 27th, at 12 pm that night.   See the list of rules below!!

Today’s giveaway:

Guest post on HCG

  • Yes, you heard that right!  One lucky winner will have the opportunity to guest post on my blog.  This is really a chance to get your name out there on social media, whether you have a blog, business, product, service, an area of expertise, or you just like to write for a hobby.  You do not have to be a blogger to qualify, all I ask is that you enjoy writing and you have an idea you would love to share!  🙂
  • You will receive full credit for your writing in the post, and a link to your blog/business/website will be included, along with a brief bio of yourself!  No spammers.
  • After the winner is announced on Monday, I will email you a list of specifics through my professional email.

All you have to do to enter is:

Image courtesy of
  • Sign up on the blog for email updates, OR follow on WordPress.
  • AND Leave a comment in the comment section below about what topic you would love to write about if you win.
  • BLOGGING FOLLOWERS: In your comment, you may provide a link to your blog!   Yes, this time you can blog party+win a chance for a free prize at the same time!



You can sign up every day to qualify, even past days.  So if you miss a prize on one day, go back and comment anyway!!  That way you won’t miss anything!  I will not close any giveaways until May 27th at midnight.

I will announce winners on Monday, May 28th on HCG.  There should be 7 winners total, one for each giveaway for each day!

Please email me at to claim your prize.

There are no sponsors for any prizes, all prizes are funded solely by HCG.

This week long marathon of giveaways is in honor of you beautiful readers who make this blog possible.  A great big THANK YOU!!!! to you!

This is a gift to you, my loyal readers.   It is really the essence of Hub City Girl.  My goal here at HCG is, through each of my posts, to help assist you in cultivating the magic of your lifestyle.

Each giveaway will encompass the small things in life that help create beauty and sparkle in our life.  Each prize has been especially handpicked by me to pass on to you to help throw a little sparkle on your life, because you deserve it!!!

Many hugs and much love to you,








    1. Hub City Girl

      Good morning Rachel!! All you will need to do is leave a comment about what topic you would love to write about if you win in the comment section below and you are ready to go. Thank you!


    1. Hub City Girl

      Good morning! In order to enter the guest post giveaway, reply to this comment about what you would like to guest post about. That will qualify you for the drawing on Monday. I will post results on Monday after 12:00 am. Have a fantastic Wednesday!! 🙂


  1. lydiatheballerinist

    Hi! I’m Lydia and I blog over at 🙂 Your blog is so cute and I love reading about different lifestyle tips and tricks as well as the other posts in your blog!
    I’d love to sign up for the guest post giveaway! I think I’d post about tips to eat well/healthily!
    I found your blog through Maggie’s blog and am glad I did 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tracy Joan Reid

    Hi Im Tracy ..I just followed you ….I am new to wordpress its been about 3 months that I have been blogging. I would love to sign up for the guest post giveaway! I was just randomly going through new blogs and I came across your blog!!! I would love to participate in other giveaways as well although I am quite late….This is my blog if you are interested if you like my blog do follow me …I love to meet new bloggers and I follow eveyone back!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hub City Girl

      Hi Tracey, I am so glad to meet you. I really appreciate your comment! You are not to late for the giveaway… it is not over until Monday May 28th. Simply reply to this comment with a topic you might enjoy writing about and that will qualify you to enter the guest post giveaway. All of the rest you can sign up for through Rafflecopter. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Christian Jennings

    See the list of rules below!! Today’s giveaway: Guest article on HCG Yes, you heard that right! One lucky winner will have the chance to guest post on my website. Each giveaway will encircle the tiny things in life, which help create beauty and glow in our life.


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