10 Reader Comments on Favorite Wedding Memories

Last Friday for my Pier 1 Imports Fruit Pool Float giveaway, I asked all of you lovely readers to comment on your most favorite wedding memory.   There were so many good memories, and all of your responses were treasures.  Some were funny and I was laughing out loud.  I would like to share some of these memories with our HCG community of readers, and ask again, What is your favorite wedding memory?   Let the HCG community of readers know your thoughts below!  Please be kind with your comments.

Let me start out with mine.  My favorite memory is at my sister’s recent wedding.  The little ring bearer didn’t want to give up the rings, he thought he was supposed to keep them….forever.  The look on his face (Hey mister, that’s my job, why are you taking them?) when the officiating minister took them, had everyone laughing.

Susan writes, “My husband blew his nose during our ceremony with – a red bandana. Nobody could stop laughing about it.

Kelly shares, “Would have to say when my dental hygiene friends from college photo bombed my husband and I’s photo in the photo booth with a toothbrush!”

Natalie comments, “My favorite wedding memory was dancing with my brother at his wedding. It was a once in a lifetime moment.”

Janet says, “Seeing my husband waiting for me in the church on our wedding day.”

bvice8487 says, “My favorite wedding memory is at our wedding when me and my wife kissed she knocked over our unity candle and it almost caught the table on fire we had to hurry up and put it out. Best thing is that we got it all on tape

Katie writes, “My favorite wedding memory is when the groomsman temporarily lost the rings at my bro’s wedding! Was hilarious (and they found them, so no worries) haha!

Kelley shares, “My favorite memory is the rain stopped just in time for our pictures to get taken outside.”

Jennifer comments, “My favorite memory is getting to watch my mom and dad remarry best day ever!

Roseanne writes, “Favorite wedding memory? Stopping to get gasoline afterwards, the service attendant seeing us in wedding apparel and filling the car with paper products to congratulate us. All for free. Very fun and funny

Hesper comments, “My favorite wedding memory is kissing my husband as his new bride!

I enjoyed reading each and every memory.  Be on the watch for future giveaways as well.

Happy memories to you!


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