Happy Donut Day!

Dear Readers, In celebration of National Donut day, I would like to tell you readers, I do-nut know what I would do without you.   In all seriousness, is there anything donuts cannot do?  I know they make me break my habit of trying to eat healthy.  Do-nut judge me.  I can’t tell you how many times I look at a donut and wish it were a salad or a pan of veggies.  Here are some ways you can incorporate donuts into your life.

 The Donut Wall

Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

The ever popular donut wall is perfect for a million events.  It adds some sophistication and elegance to any occasion, and can be a rather inexpensive but luxurious way to decorate.  So where can you use it?  Birthday parties, baby showers, girls night out, wedding showers, wedding receptions, lingerie showers…you name it.  Is it practical?  Certainly covering an entire wall full of donuts might not be, but you can create your very own mini donut wall.  You only have to fill part of the wall.  Donuts everywhere=Donut heaven!

 Donuts In a Glass

Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com.

Want to know the next best thing your girl friends will be copying after they visit a party you’ve hosted?   Donuts in a Glass.  This is a cute way to incorporate donuts for a girls night out, an elegant birthday party, or a bachelorette party.  Is it practical?  Very!  Take a wine glass and fill it with some donut holes.  Add toppings.  I put some pink marshmallow hearts on top, stuck a pink/purple candy cane like a straw out of the glass, and glazed it with some chocolate topping.  The possibilities are endless….use sprinkles, edible glitter, any kind of candy, and you name it.  This is an easy solution to any desert.  It is best served with a bowl of gelato or ice-cream.

So, today, treat yourself to the luxury of a donut, and do-nut ever forget, discover and live the magic of your lifestyle.

Many happy donut memories to you!



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FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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