The Tricks of Upscale Thrift Styling, Part 1 [Fashion]

Good morning, dear readers!  Are you a thrift store shopper, a retail shopper, or an online shopper?  Do you prefer functional or fashionable clothing?  One of my viewers recently asked, “Is there a way to shop women’s upscale designer clothing through thrifting?”   For example, what if my job and station in life requires that I venture into the world of high-end and deluxe name brands??  Nothing wrong with that!  The good news is that, yes! you can even save on these brands.  I took a trip to my local upscale consignment boutique and was pleasantly surprised to find luxurious outfits for lower prices.   However, even with low prices, knowing how and where to begin walking into a store filled with options can be overwhelming & tricky.  Here are some tips and pictures that I noted as I searched high and low through the racks.   These are ways you can put together a great closet, whether it is for your career or your place in life.

Tip #1:  Go for the UNIQUE item on the rack.  While the bold stripes on this dress pack a statement,  the power of this dress lies in the breast seams pointing to the waistline, the extra flare at the hem, and the fit.   Try on items with those amounts of detail, and you will never be disappointed.

Image courtesy of 

Tip #2: Practice MIXING and MATCHING in the dressing room.  This gorgeous tunic can easily mix with both the blue skinny jeans or the skirt, making it not just luxurious but practical as well.  Sounds five-star already.

Tip #3: Play with BOLD colors! There was a point in time where so much of my closet was strictly black.  It was very freeing to branch out and experiment with colors.

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Tip #4: Take PICTURES in the dressing room and then look at them before you make a purchase.  So many times pictures have told me what the mirror will not!

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Tip #5:  Devote your time and energy to the NEUTRAL colors.  Why neutrals?  Sounds very bland.  There are several reasons for this.  No matter what bright color you throw at them, neutrals can be paired with every other item in your closet, making them very functional.  These very expensive pair of white jeans in the picture below, with an incredible fit, could be repeatedly paired with multiple tops, blazers and tunics.  Neutrals are also welcoming of multiple styles.  Whether your style is more bohemian or classic or outside the box, neutrals will always be a willing partner. IMG_20180529_121333

I try on a lot of items when I shop, but I do not feel the need to buy all of them.  Use these tips to be very picky, and you will walk away a much happier shopper than if you purchased every item in the store.  Having a limit is freeing, not restraining!

How do you feel about women’s upscale designer clothing?  Did you know that it could be purchased for lower prices?  Do you have the need to wear it often, or only for special occasions, or never?  Let the HCG community of readers know your thoughts below!  Please be kind with your comments.  Our circle of readers comes from all walks of life, and we do not judge, we only seek to cultivate the magic of our lifestyles.

Happy Styling to You!


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FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.


    1. Hub City Girl

      Your welcome! I too have done the same thing often. Recently the picture trick has taken care of it for me. I’m not sure about the reason behind stores always having the “skinny mirrors,” but I agree, it does look different like you say! Many happy shopping trips to you! 🙂


    1. Hub City Girl

      Thank you Rachel! That’s a great idea to do an article on how I work these new
      pieces into my wardrobe. Be on the lookout…I will write one and include lots of pictures! Thank you for your comment!!


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