Long Live Layers

Dear Readers, Do any of you relate to the following struggle?   A few years ago, I opened up the doors to my closet and looked around.  Nothing to wear.  Sigh.  In my desperateness to dress attractively the first thing that came to mind was: I need to make a shopping run.  Let’s face it, I admit to having a dose of envy.  I did want to dress like the well put-together Pinterest fashionista I had pinned the previous week!  If my closet couldn’t give me anything, I needed to go find some more.

By now you are picturing a vacant closet, with desolate shelves and empty of clothing.  Actually, errrrr, that was far from the truth.  What I was viewing was clothes with price tags still on them stuffed into oblivion into the deepest corners of my closet, beautiful, fluffy scarves piled so high they were falling all over the floor, and brand new shoes tossed in every corner.  I had just shopped the previous week, found the perfect item on sale, and yet now I felt it was not enough!

I recently had a reader ask, So you found a great deal?  That is great! I love it!  But, how do you incorporate what you buy into your closet wardrobe, or anything else you buy, for that matter?  How do you use what you have purchased?

Good question!!!  That is where the struggle lies, I think, with me.  I am surrounded by pictures of shopping haul after haul.  That’s great!  It’s fun to see what other people buy!  But how do they end up using it?

How can the product, in this case an article of clothing, be useful to me?  So I spent $30 on a pair of name brand designer jeans?  Great!  How can I wear what I shop?

There are so many little tricks to the trade that I couldn’t put it all in one post, so this is going to be a series on how I wear what I shop.  Be on the lookout for future parts to the series.  Hopefully, it is designed to help you reach into your closet and shop the little store of clothing you have sitting right there.

Let’s take my last clothing shopping haul, The Tricks of Upscale Thrift Styling.  I did purchase the Michael Kor blue jeans that you see in the picture.  They fit me perfectly and were the perfect length.  I walked out of the store so happy!


Layering.  The big elephant in the room.  Layering is so difficult.  Especially in the summer time.   Can it be done?  Yes it can!!  Layering can change every facet of your outfit that hours of shopping can not do.  My adopted Aunt Cathy looks well put-together, always.  Does she wear high-dollar items?  Yes.  Is that the key?  No.  You see, I began to notice a pattern in her wardrobe, she is a guru at layering!  You go, Aunt Cathy!  Here are 5 tips to begin.

  • Layer textures.  This outfit looks expensive, but really, I paid next to nothing for it.  The difference in the velvet/lace lined tank top and the lightweight blazer with no lining does the trick.  Could this be a comfortable work outfit for summer time?  Yes!

    Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 
  • Layer transparent items.  This sheer lace top packs a bold statement over a beige tank top.  By the way, I found this lace top for $3 at a thrift store.  Nothing high dollar about that, and yet this outfit brings a rush of happiness!  You can also layer sheer tops over sleeveless tops.
Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com.
  • Layer a sleeveless item over a t shirt.  This gray and white t-shirt screams casual, and you could wear it alone with the jeans.  However, the pink sleeveless vest takes it to the next level.  The simple necklace makes a finishing statement. Very simple and very doable!
Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com.
  • Layer blazers over sleeveless graphic tank tops.  This white sleeveless top has some words on the front and is actually a work-out tank.  Can you tell?  No, because throwing the simple black blazer over it changes everything!  You could also accomplish the same affect with a sheer kimono if you don’t have a blazer.
Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com.

I hope these tips will be helpful in helping you begin to wear what you shop!  Is this everything you need to know about wearing your closet?  No, but this is just the beginning of an upcoming series on wearing what you shop.  Just another road to happiness…feeling like you step out looking well!

What is a suggestion that you have for layering?

Comments of the Week:

Regarding The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done,  binduborle writes, Leaving my home country to start life in a new city, new country. Initially, it was difficult, a bit overwhelming but once we settled down we made new friends and eventually fell in love with the place. Now, it is our home!

Thank you for your comment.  What a difficult transition to make, moving from a life you know and where you were born to a completely brand new place.  You are a brave soul.  It sounds like you have adjusted well, and welcome home!

Patty Thurlby writes, “Hey, this weekend I used your picture taking tip in the TJMAX dressing room and said NO to the top! Thanks!

You are so welcome, Patty!  I am so glad that the picture taking tip was helpful to you.  I really appreciate your comment and hearing about your shopping adventure at TJMax.

Regarding Happy Donut Day!,  Ariana Evans comments, “Thanks for the pics, yum! Happy National Donut Day!

You are welcome, Ariana.  I was so happy to read your comment.

Many happy wearing-what-you-shop days to all of you!



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  1. Anonymous

    This is one of my favorite posts you’ve put together! Well thought out, practical tips, and great photos for illustration. More please!


    1. Hub City Girl

      Hello Emily! Thank you for commenting at HCG. You have caught the magic of layering! I like how you said, “it creates new ways to wear things”…this is such a great way to put it and I could not have said it better myself. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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