What Does Your Happiness Look Like?

What does your happiness look like?  They say that joy is found in the simple occasions of life.  Here is what my joy looks like today:

  1. A clean work area where I can create
  2. Shopping for the perfect Father’s day menu which of course includes grilled hamburgers or steaks
  3. Finding Star Wars, the Last Jedi, napkins and plates on sale for 50 cents
  4. The shade of a lonely cloud on a hot 100 degree TX day
  5. Balloons filled with glitter
  6. Successfully stripping off the first layer of polyurethane from a DIY chair
  7. Discovering there is a healthy vanilla cream coffee
  8. Splashing in the cold water at the lake, yes, somewhere out here in the dirt and dust there is a hidden gem of a lake
  9. Wearing white with white and not spilling anything on it
  10. Spending only $20 at the supermarket
  11. Cleaning out the car finally after months and months
  12. A devotional book with a journal to record thoughts
  13. Starting the day with 5 Heavenly Morning Breakfasts Under 400 Calories
  14. Cleaning up my cluttered Pinterest pages
  15. Your comments on HCG

What does your joy look like today? What is the moment that has brought you the most happiness to your life?

Leave a comment below.

Many happy days to you!



10 thoughts on “What Does Your Happiness Look Like?

  1. I was reading and laughing, saying, oohh, yep, cool, hmm:) Nice list! For me it would be a clean home but more specifically clean floors and uncluttered space. A snow cone and cold watermelon on a hot day, a burning candle, the smell of baked goods in the oven, my dog snuggling me, the smell of rain, grilling with friends and family.. that pretty much sums it up at the moment:)

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  2. Great post! The simple things in life are often the richest. Like the smile on a loved one’s face, the sound of rain as you fall to sleep, and a hot cup of chai tea to enjoy while perusing delightful quilting book!

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