Father’s Day and Farmer Jim

To every father, to every step father out there, Happy Father’s Day.  I fondly refer to my father as Farmer Jim on this blog.  I know, I know, it’s a little quaint and a little country.  The ironic thing about this title is that my father is not a farmer and has never been.

Before he retired, he was an administrator for a school.  He was a phenomenal assistant superintendent and well beloved by his employees, but his heart was out on the small ranchette I grew up on. He would come home, climb on his faithful old red tractor, and work the acreage beneath a scorching Texas sun!

That’s where he really wanted to be, out with the sun and the dirt and above all, with us.  I have watched him, hat on his head, driving around on that tractor.  I guess you could say that really, he is a farmer at heart.

That’s why, sometimes, I refer to him here as Farmer Jim.

He instilled in us country values like honesty and kindness, and taught us that our motto in life should be, “do the right thing”. Thank you, Dad!

This plate of food is loaded with Father’s day goodies like grilled hamburgers, homemade French fries, and buttery corn fresh off the grill.  Many of my dad’s favorite things.

Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

This is a tribute to all of you fathers out there.  To all of the values you instill in your children, thank you!  Every time you take a little hand and guide those little feet, you are preparing them to walk through the complicated maze of life.

If you are a single father, you can do this.  Your children will remember the effort you took when you did what both mom and dad do.  Remember the commercial where the single father teaches his daughter to shave by showing her how to do it himself?  If you are walking along side them in even the little things like shaving, you are doing an outstanding job.

If you are a step dad, you are often the forgotten hero.  Everyone excepts your lot and forgets that sometimes, you are thought of as the “other” dad, the second person, the replacement.  Well, you are none of those things.  You are special beyond measure.   You are a remarkable gem to take and love those children as your very own.   God bless you for it.

Happy belated Father’s Day to you!


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