How to Make a Cute July 4th DIY Wreath from Dollar Tree Items!

What do you enjoy most about the 4th of July?  It can never be too soon to start prepping for a festive holiday like the 4th.  Oh the fun of barbecuing on the grill, watching fireworks explode in the air (or shooting off your own), and spending time with a family!!   Here is a DIY picture tutorial on how to make your own cute wreath from Dollar Tree Items.  That’s right, you can create an upscale looking wreath for just a few bucks to greet your guests.  I spent about $8 on mine.  You can too!  Imagine the “ooh’s” and “ah’s” as they enter the doorway and ask, “Where in the world did you find your wreath?”  You can answer, “Oh, you know…well, I made it myself!”  No one ever has to know it came from the Dollar Tree!

If you are on the search for some cute ideas for your July 4th party, this blogger has a roundup here at Celebrate the Stars and Stripes Forever.  Seriously Silly Stamper has a fun way of celebrating July 4th with this card and tulle wreath at Bringing Back the Flower Pot.  Create an adorable wreath out of a pair of your old jeans using this 4th of July Star Wreath+Free Pattern.

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  • small wire wreath frame–Dollar Tree
  • 2 scarves of contrasting colors (blue, red, or white)–Dollar Tree
  • tinsel star (there are other 4th of July shapes available as well)–Dollar Tree
  • pearl necklaces (red, white, and blue combined)–Dollar Tree
  • red tulle–Dollar Tree
  • red, blue and silver garlands–Dollar Tree
  • jewels–Dollar Tree
  • miscellaneous ribbon or jewels you may have lying around (you can also find ribbon at Dollar Tree or at Hobby Lobby on sale)
  • You can add other items if you want.  I had thought about using the patriotic glasses but I decided to wear them.  Make it look like you!
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • fishing line or ties

Wrap your wire wreath frame with one of the scarves.  Hot glue the wreath in the places that need hot glued.

Image courtesy of

Tie your other scarf with fishing line or ties, just like the picture below.  Leave some space and tie again every couple of inches.  Fluff up the middle. You are giving the thin wreath some volume by doing this.

Image courtesy of

Now hot glue that tied scarf around the covered wreath frame. It will look like this.  Cuteness already!!

Image courtesy of

The trick to making this wreath look voluminous is by giving the tinsel star a 3-D affect.   Snap the tinsel star into place by pushing each point through a space in the wire wreath frame.  The covered frame will hold the star into place.  Do not hot glue it flat onto the wreath.  Let the star bow out a little towards you by choosing the spaces to slide it in carefully!!

Hot glue the pearl necklaces around the wreath.  You will not need to hot glue every place the necklace sits.  Glue what I call the “vantage points,” the places that will make the necklace stay in place and not droop when you hang it up.

Image courtesy of

It will look like the picture below.  You could keep it this way and hang it up, and it would be pretty.   A way, however of making it extra top-notch, is by adding a “focal point,” a pretty bow at the bottom, to center your eye on when you look at it.

Image courtesy of

Bow Making: Wrap your tulle around your hands.  Take the wrapped tulle and cut it through both ends.  Scrunch it up in the middle with your hand and tie it with fishing line.  Arrange the tulle the way you want it. I wanted a big ruffle so I fluffed it all up.  It will give “volume” to the wreath.


Gather up the items that you want to include in the wreath.  I had some miscellaneous bits of ribbon that I have collected over time.  (Yes, I save scraps of ribbon!). I also used my leftover bits from the pearl necklace I wrapped around the wreath.  Use your scraps to save money!  Scraps can be a money saver!

Image courtesy of

Stack the bits on top of each other for practice to make sure you like how it will look.  Once you glue, it can’t be undone!

Image courtesy of

Tie your bow (or bows) out of the ribbon.  Here is a link to a helpful tutorial on how to tie different types of bows: How to Make a Tiered Bow | Better Homes & Gardens.

Start with the tulle bow and stack your bow items on top of each other, hot gluing them one at a time.  Hot glue the bow to the bottom of your wreath.  I also tied it with fishing line to give it extra durability.  It wasn’t hanging exactly how I wanted it, so I used the fishing line to help adjust it to the right look.

I decided it needed a little gem hot glue on top of the bow to create the finished look. You can find some creative gems at Walmart, if you really want to take it up a notch.

Image courtesy of

How did your wreath turn out??  It is a fun, super easy project to tackle and takes very little time. A great way to start celebrating 4th of July!  What is your favorite part about 4th of July??

Guest Blog Post

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Featured Comments of the Week

Tara Lewis writes about What Does Your Happiness Look Like?, “Amen to ALL of these! Plus a cool breeze on a hot day and 5 quiet minutes after the kids go to bed. 😉😄”

I love it, Tara!!  I couldn’t agree more.  Nothing like putting your kids to bed and having an extra couple of minutes for yourself.  Thank you for your comment!

JenaPen comments: “Love this as a post idea! Simple yet relatable and appealing to everyone! I love your happiness ideas!

Thank you, Jena!  I really appreciate your comment.  Happiness is found in so many exciting places, and often even in the smallest of events that happen day by day.

overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says about 5 Heavenly Morning Breakfasts Under 400 Calories, “I love to eat, so when I wake up in the morning and roll around in bed, the thing that finally gets me up is I remember, “I can eat! It’s breakfast time!” LOL

LOL!  You can’t beat a great breakfast.  It will get you out of bed every time.  Love this comment!


Happy wreath-making to you!


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