Pink Shoe Girl Shopping Steals [Guest Post]

Last month in my first ever Hub City Girl Guest Post Giveaway! , I announced that I would be giving a free guest post to whoever left a great comment and followed HCG.  Here it is! I am super excited to welcome Sarah from the Pink Shoe Girl with an expertise and talent in shopping steals!!  I think the following post is fantastic and I am already in love with some of her shopping steal choices!  Make sure you go over and check her blogging articles at Pink Shoe Girl.   Leave her a comment as well to welcome her to our blogging community.  Be on the lookout for HCG upcoming guest post giveaways and a super great HCG “After-July-4th-Giveaway!” so make sure you are a follower of HCG as well.

Pink Shoe Girl Shopping Steals

“Hi! I’m Sarah and I blog at Pink Shoe Girl.  I’m a wife to The Hubster, sister to a crazy bunch of humans, daughter to two people who taught me everything about how to work hard, and a friend to the best people in the world.  I like to blog about shopping, eating, living a fun life, and finding the perfect pink shoes.

I’m so happy that Hub City Girl asked me to guest blog and I couldn’t be more excited and honored that she asked.

Today, I’m going to share with you my best shopping steals. 

Shopping Steal 1Shopping Steal 1

Wrap print tops are really in this summer.  I have been picking up a few for myself this summer. 

In this first shopping steal, the top on the left is $89, which can be a little pricey for a summer top.  The one on the right is from Target and is $19.99.  While it’s a different pattern, it’s really similar in both material and fit.

Shopping Steal 2Shopping Steal 2

Who doesn’t love a cute pair of espadrille wedges for the summer? I can’t resist and have a few different pairs.

But this is one really great shopping steal!

The pair on the left is from Target and is only $32.99.  They are really comfortable and adorable with jeans, a maxi, or a pair of shorts.  I love that they’re a nude color, so they go with everything.

On the right is the more expensive pair – they’re $149.95 from Nordstrom. Now I love me some good Nordstrom shoes, but saving over $100 is also my jam! 😊

Shopping Steal 3Shopping Steal 3

Image courtesy of Nordstrom here and Target here.

I have been eyeing up these Vince Camuto boots for a long time now.  They were part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but since I was buying a ton of other stuff, I passed on picking them up last summer. They’re normally like $149.99 but they are available at Nordstrom Rack in limited sizing for $69.97.  I don’t think that’s too terrible for a good pair of comfortable booties.

But, good news – an alternative is available! 😊

Target is selling these almost identical booties for $34.99. They’re just as comfortable and a lot cheaper! I think the color is a little lighter, but it’s not that noticeable.

Shopping Steal 4Shopping Steal 4

If you’ve ever read my blog, then you’ll know I love my Sam Edelman Yaro block heels.  They’re so crazy comfy and I can wear them pretty much all day long without issue.  (I think that’s true for most Sam Edelman shoes for me.)

Sadly, though, Sam Edelman is expensive.  These heels are $119.95, and while they are really comfortable, I don’t own that many pairs of them.

Fear not, Friends, I have found an awesome alternative! 

Target has these black block heels that pretty much look the exact same! And they are $29.99!! Score!

I’ll be honest – I don’t have these shoes, so I cannot vouch for their comfort, but when I tried them on in the store, they had a slight cushion to the soles.

Thank you so much Hub City Girl for letting me guest blog! I hope you all enjoyed these shopping steals!”

Happy shoe-shopping to you!

Sarah at the Pink Shoe Girl


FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own or opinions of the guest blogger. This post may contain affiliate links.


  1. Swapnil Pandey

    espadrille wedges are not only comfortable but also super stylish. They go with almost all types of clothes and provide a super chic look. though I loved the other pair of sandals too but wedges are awesome. Thanks for providing an option to the expensive shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hub City Girl

      Hello Swapnil, So glad to see you are at HCG and thank you for commenting! Yes they are. You are right, espadrille wedges are so super chic for any outfit! I think Sarah did such a fantastic job and was so honored to have her guest post here. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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