If Dogs Had Facebook, What Would They Say? [Lifestyle]

Hello readers!  Thank you for making my West Texas world go ’round with your support and comments!  You are amazing!  Do you have a pet?  What is your pet’s name?  I always enjoy learning other people’s pet names and how they choose to name their pets.  Everyone comes up with such creative names.  Have you ever wished you could ask your pet a question?  If you could, what is the one question you would ask?   If dogs could talk, what would they say? 

I would like to introduce you to a member of West Texas who is a “doggy-full” of energy!  Meet Holly.   Her name is not very creative, but she has a personality!  Here she is, posing for the camera with her sweet little doggy face.   

Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

Hey look what is that over there?!!   Holly has the attention span of a 5-year-old!

Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

Look back at the camera Holly!   Ok, ok, it’s so hard to stay still!

Image courtesy of http://www.hubcitygirl.com. 

I baby sat for Holly a long while back, and she was a ball of energy.  I would joke that she was like a tornado.  I couldn’t leave her home during the day by herself while I was at work because she would be flying through the house, wagging her tail, and knocking everything to the floor.  I would come home to find my ENTIRE kitchen counter on the floor (how she managed that I still have no idea!).  She would tear up leftover trash and scatter it all over the floor.   Everything on my dresser would be open on the floor.  I spent hours cleaning up after her.   She was a great guard dog, she was fiercely protective, and she was a great companion, excited to do everything.  But holy-moly she could make a mess!

They always say that dogs are great listening companions because they cannot talk back.   Sometimes there are things I wish they could say, because I would love to ask Holly…

  • When you are arf-ing and shaking in your sleep, what are you dreaming about?
  • How did you manage to get up on my kitchen counters and knock everything off?
  • Do you enjoy eating the same dog food, same brand, in the same bowl every day?
  • Do you like when I talk to you in a string of baby talk?
  • Is there really such a thing as dog superiority like in the Lady and the Tramp?
  • Do you ever wonder why I leave you home alone while I go to work?
  • Why do you greet other dogs with a big whiff of their tushie?
  • If you had Facebook, what would you post?

Have you ever wished you could ask your pet a question?  What question would you ask?  What is your puppy’s name?  Any interesting experiences like my tales with Holly?

Thank you for stopping by, and for your constant support that keeps this blogging community alive!!   Be on the look out for a giveaway coming next Monday!! I will keep it open for 10 days and then draw for a winner!!



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14 thoughts on “If Dogs Had Facebook, What Would They Say? [Lifestyle]

  1. My dog’s name is Mickey. Shelter name- we got her from the SPCA of Texas when she was two months old. Mix between pit bull and lab. She is a shy one, so if I could ask her a question I would seek to find out the cause of the shyness.


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    • Hello, Eric! Mickey…love the name! Very Disney-ish! Holly is also a mix between a lab and a sharpei. That would be such an interesting question to ask…I wonder what the answer would be?? So excited to read your comment here at HCG and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  2. Awe Holly sounds like a beautiful dog! I know it is weird but I love my dog so much that I don’t share her name online. Weird I know, but she is nicknamed “the lamb” by her groomers. She is a Shih Tzu and whenever I have seizure type activity or cry in pain she runs to me and licks me and snuggles her warm body against me. When I pray and cry she runs to me and lays at my feet. She is stubborn and hates to go to our beautiful backyard to potty. She must be carried to the lawn and told to go potty. It is so tiring! lol
    She is 8 years old and hates walking on black pavement, she likes smooth sidewalks.
    I would ask her how she feels about me always being sick.
    I would ask her if we are giving her a full life that she loves.
    Loved this post! Major animal lover here!

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    • Hello! Yes I think she is! That is not weird at all, I completely understand. She sounds like such a beautiful caring dog!! Lol every dog has their moments don’t they?? I know Holly has hers!! I am sure she would say that she has a perfectly full and happy life. Thank you for commenting and bringing such positivity to the pages here at HCG!!

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    • Hello, Tabitha! Why thank you for such a positive comment and bringing sunshine to our pages at HCG! So glad for you to read our post and looking forward to many exciting articles ahead. Have a super good Wednesday!


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