How to Pack Your Summer Travel Wardrobe

Hello all of ya’ll!  Every time I pack for a trip, whether for a vacation or an extended stay with family,  I usually end up standing in front of my closet with this overwhelmed feeling.   Anyone else understand the feeling?  I have an idea of the wardrobe essentials I need, such as jeans, sunglasses, a hat, etc, but how to put all of that together without stuffing my entire closet into my suitcase, tends to be a challenge.  I would just prefer to travel with the entire closet attached to the back of the car.  (Which I am not sure would make my traveling companions very happy!)

To solve this problem, I started watching a bunch of favorite YouTube video bloggers that I am obsessed with, taking note of what celebrities wear on their way to the airport and consulting several wardrobe books.  How do I manage to look cute on a trip, without just lugging along the entire closet?

Here are some lightweight outfit ideas that should cover all of your attire needs for vacation, while keeping you feeling like a million bucks!  These are some examples from my closet to yours.  I hope they are of some help!

To start with, pack at least 2 sturdy pair of comfy jeans, slacks, or bottoms that you are most comfortable wearing, with 2 different colors.

  1. Take neutral colors.  I noticed celebrities go very simple.  White, black, olive green, denim, khaki…you name it, the airport has seen it!  You can easily mix and match with any other clothes you have in your suitcase.
Neutral colored outfit.  Image courtesy of

2.  Choose comfort over style.   Cute strappy 4 inch heel shoes??  Adorable for an event, but not advisable for a vacation!  Substitute a pair of comfortable walking shoes instead.  Long palazzo stylish lined pants in 110 degree Texas weather??  Substitute a pair of simple white shorts instead.  Better to walk in comfort than endure the heat or the cold!

Thinking comfortable.  Image courtesy of

3.  Pack your kimono.   Oh the versatility of a kimono!  It is a perfect cardigan for the summer, so lightweight you don’t even know it is there!  Throw it over your neutrals or your comfortable t shirt any time to take up your outfit a notch.  If you are planning to visit the beach or the lake, it is a perfect option to cover up your skin out in the sun.

Charlotte Russe kimono for only $24.99.  Image courtesy of

4.  Don’t forget 1 Black and White Outfit!  What a great option for your “I-don’t-know-what-to-wear-but-I-want-to-look-drop-dead-gorgeous” vacation days!   Who can go wrong with black and white?  Better yet, white is a neutral, so hopefully you already have something white already tucked away into your suitcase!

Black and white is a perfect combo!  Image courtesy of

5.  Never underestimate the value of a good t-shirt!  Heck, vacation is a time to have fun!  Throw in some t-shirts that can get dirty and messy.  Who knows, you may dig your toes in the sand or end up falling in the lake!   Just because I love the Cowboys, I bring along my Cowboys t-shirt.  (Oops, shh, I never said it for my readers who root for other teams!)

You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt.  Image courtesy of

6.  Yes, pack 1 dressy outfit.  You just never know where you may need it.  It could be a maxi dress, little black dress, or a jumpsuit.  What a great option for the unexpected.

A dress is a great option, just in case!  Image courtesy of

7.  A pair of lounge clothes.  For the day you don’t want to get dressed up and just lounge around your cabin or motel room.  Or for the time you walked all day long through Six Flags Over Texas, or the city of Paris and you are ready to come back to your lodging and get comfy in a pair of pjs and slippers on the sofa.

Take a pair of pjs and slippers.  Image courtesy of

Understanding these concepts was the solution to my problem of not wearing half of what I brought along with me.  You may have to adjust to your vacation needs.  Maybe you are taking a 2 day road trip to explore your state and you only need to pack a few essentials.  Perhaps you are flying to the Bahamas and are staying for a few weeks, so you will need to think and plan carefully.  Hopefully this guide will help you pack successfully, no matter where you are traveling!

What are your tips and tricks to packing your vacation wardrobe successfully? 

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2 thoughts on “How to Pack Your Summer Travel Wardrobe

  1. Very informative and helpful post! The pictures really help to illustrate your points. I’m sure laying out your outfits helps you get an idea of what you’re wearing as well. My biggest tip for packing light is to limit the pairs of shoes since shoes are usually the bulkiest, heaviest items. Also, I nest my flats inside my boots to save room. Hope these tips help!

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