The Tricks of Upscale Thrift Styling, Part 2

Good morning, dear readers! Are you a thrift store shopper, a retail shopper, or an online shopper? Do you prefer functional or fashionable clothing?  A few weeks ago one of my viewers asked, “Is there a way to shop women’s upscale designer clothing through thrifting?” For example, what if my job and station in life requires that I venture into the world of high-end and deluxe name brands??

For my next trip to my local upscale consignment boutique (You can read about Trip 1 here), I wanted to see how many different outfits I could create out of a small number of clothes and how I could go about doing that.  What could I take into the dressing room that would help me get the most value out of my dollars?  What could help me walk away feeling like I had a small wardrobe that I could use successfully in my every day life?

If I had purchased everything I tried on that worked, I would have spent around$140 for 7 pieces of clothing.  For a thrifter, that could sound expensive….but I am talking about name brands like Vince Camuto, Moon River, and Louis Vitton.  Simply unbeatable $$$!

Dressing Room Tips

Tip #1. Try on some basic neutral shirts.  This Vince Camuto black and white striped tee can be worn alone or with other pieces.


Tip #2 Try on some bright colored basic shirts.  This gorgeous yellow shirt is perfect alone or with layering pieces.


Tip #3 Try on some layering pieces. This can include long cardigans or kimonos.  If you need to make a simple shirt a little more dressy, or work wearable, simply throw on a layering piece and you are good to go!!


Tip #4. Try on some bold patterns.  The fun part about patterns is that they make an instant statement, and they can pair well with your layering pieces.   Since my wardrobe tends to be boring and simple, bold patterns can be a relief!!


Tip #5Try on a dress or two.   A dress is always a great piece to reach for.  can always work for an special event or occasion.  This white dress was simply light and airy and ADORABLE!!


These 5 tips gave me a starting point from the store rack to the dressing room.  I know that, for me, walking into any clothing store can be so overwhelming because of all of the wonderful options!!   From now on, these tips will give me a great place to start!   Hopefully this will be of some help to you.

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9 thoughts on “The Tricks of Upscale Thrift Styling, Part 2

    • So glad you enjoyed it!! Great minds think alike, right??…Thrift store shopping is my passion too. 🙂 It is so awesome to walk out of the store with a bag full and only a small dent in the bank account. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment here! You rock!! HCG


  1. Good morning! Overall I am a thrift store shopper, but I do pick up a great deal second hand on eBay now and again. The tips about trying basics is really helpful since, for me, I tend to reach for the more colorful statement pieces. Which means that over time I have no basics to put outfits together! I The white dress looks fantastic! Would you do a post on styling dresses? I’ve been wondering about getting different looks from the same dress. Your striped t-shirt is really cute! Which pieces did you end up getting?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Rachel! I enjoyed reading your comment and so glad you brought up Ebay… it is also such a great place to find second hand deals! What are some of your favorite finds from Ebay? I have the opposite problem…I tend to reach for the basics and avoid the statement. I need some of your “colorful statement pieces” inspiration!! The Vince Camuto striped t-shirt and the floral kimono featured on the post were the pieces I ended up with. The dress almost ended up in my cart as well…but I couldn’t justify the price spent on this white piece. I would be so afraid of spilling something on it the first time I wore it and ruining it from the get-go. Thank you for your thoughts…you always leave such great comments here! Have a great Saturday!! HCG


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