My Beautiful Risk + NIKE Gift Card Winner

Dear beautiful Readers,  Thank you all for your love and support for each other on HCG!  I loved your comments responding to each other.   Let’s work together to make this world a beautiful place.   There is no support like each other.  It truly takes a community to support and love each other.   There is magic to be found in every day living.  Make yourself a beautiful life!!  Take beautiful risks, and turn failures into successes!  Your courage and resonance were very real and present in your comments about your “Nike” Moment I wrote about here.

My Nike “moment” was to start exercising for the first time in my life about 1 year ago. This was after my battle with breast cancer. I joined a fitness center and go to classes 5 times a week. I have lost weight which is great but the biggest accomplishment through this is just feeling stronger and better about myself.” —lukejen 

My recent Nike moment is getting and accepting a promotion at work! I have bad social anxiety so doing something out of my comfort zone is a big accomplishment for me!“–Emily Ann 

My Nike moment is a fifth-grade buzzer-beater many decades ago.”--Aaron 

I love to get my NIKE moments with my fiance’. We live on an old plantation with a pond and tons of places to explore.”–tat2gurlsrock

No matter what Nike moment you wrote about, what stood out to me was your bravery and courage to take that first step and make that Nike “moment” happen.   It celebrated your passions, your loves, your greatest joys, and fighting your bravest challenges!!  No matter what, you are worthy!  That’s what I hope to show through HCG.  This blog is a lifestyle blog celebrating passions that make a beautiful life, and the stories surrounding those passions.

We all have taken many beautiful risks in life.  What are yours??  The first one that comes to my mind are when I stepped out and decided to move on to a different place after facing a toxic environment at work that I referenced to here.   It was very real, very raw, and very painful.   I still can’t think about it without feeling a little hurt.  I am not trying to dwell on it, nor try to gain sympathy or pity, and truly I feel like I have moved past and can look into a great future, but I still feel battered and bruised at times when I come into contact with anything connected it.  I am sure some of you will understand what I mean when I say that!!

When I decided to step away (which really I had no choice at the time), I was taking a beautiful risk.  I decided to design myself a life that I love!  Now I have met new colleagues, new friends, and new places, and have been surrounded by love and warmth, it stands out to me what a beautiful story now this is to share.  There is hope, there are some beautiful souls out there that will stand by you no matter what, including followers of this blog.  What is your story?   Please share your story here!!  You will be surrounded by love and warmth as well here.

The NIKE gift card giveaway has come and gone, and it is time to announce our winner.  I love using Rafflecopter to host my giveaways because this site will randomly draw for a winner, so thank you Rafflecopter for making my job so much easier.  If you are not the winner, don’t give up yet!  I will be hosting more giveaways in the future.  Our next giveaway will happen as soon as we reach 500 followers, so make sure you spread the word about HCG and our mission and bring in the readers.   Feel free to use the Pinterest button located below each post to pin any pictures you may be interested in pinning.  If you are not on WordPress you can still follow via email.

Our winner is Aaron M.  Congratulations Aaron!  I have contacted you with instructions.  Please email me at asap to claim your prize.

Have a wonderful week!  I can’t ever tell ya’ll often enough how much it means to you to be hosting a blog like HCG.  It feels like a dream come true.  Ya’ll are amazing readers!!

Many happy beautiful days to all of ya’ll!!



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3 thoughts on “My Beautiful Risk + NIKE Gift Card Winner

    • Hello Rachel! So excited to read your comment here on HCG. I hope this story will be an inspiration and help encourage someone else who may be going through a failure or a moment like I have been. Don’t give up hope yet because there are so many beautiful moments out there to make! Thank you for taking the beautiful risk of leaving a comment on this blog! HCG


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