The Only Guide You Ever Need For Spending Time Alone

What do you do if you find yourself with some time to spend alone?  This is something we have all been through, whether single or with a significant other.  Even if you are not a single person, you may just happen to have a day where you are free.  Just to explore and enjoy the magic of the world around us is something that is important for your self-care.  Embracing your loneliness means you can learn more about who you are, grow as a person, and indulge in some self-pampering.  Relish what makes you beautiful as an individual.  Going solo, doing, and discovering new spheres (even if they are only the spheres of a new book) can help grow your self-confidence and contentment.

Last weekend I found myself with a beautiful day in front of me, laying on the couch watching a video.  My dryer was swirling and humming with the freshly washed clothes and the floors were shining from being mopped.   I sat there for a while, discontentedly, wishing my married sister could be there to go shopping with.   My parents were on an Alaskan cruise, and everyone else special to me had something planned for the day.  Suddenly the light went on.  I realized what opportunities were out there in front of me, that I was missing out on!  In that moment I saw that I needed to discover happiness in doing something solo!

Relax at home.  For example, if your hubby is working a night shift and you can put the baby down early and only snatch 15 quick minutes to yourself, make good use of that time.  Read a good quality book, give yourself a quick manicure, or make yourself a cup of hot tea.  These are all ways to invest in yourself, to give yourself some love and comfort.  Luxury can be found in small, special moments of time!

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Go visit a museum or tour a public place you love.   I headed over to a museum I used to volunteer at in Hub City, and spent some time touring there.  It was free.   I learned about how Hub City grew and became what it is today.  As I absorbed this information, it gave me something to think about and gave me some culture.  It will also make for a great conversation if I am ever discussing local attractions with anyone.   This local tourist attraction is nationally known.  Be on the look out for a post in the future about the special story surrounding this place.

Take yourself to a delicious dinner.  Take yourself out!  You can choose a fancy restaurant, a bistro, a barbeque joint…you name it.   I personally enjoy stopping by Panera Bread occasionally.  It is a great place to work on the blog.  The lady at the front greets me with a smile and asks about my day.  Almost the minute I sit in my seat, my order has already arrived!  I treat myself to a delicious chicken salad with green goddess salad dressing, crusty French bread, creamy broccoli soup that I never want to finish, and cherry pastry, all for only $15.  I sit in the room and stare out the window, people watch, and bring my laptop to work on the blog.  What a perfect place to unwind and enjoy life and living!

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Treat yourself.   Buy yourself flowers.  Spoil yourself with chocolate bon bons.  Pop a bowl of popcorn and turn on a movie.  Soak in a bubble bath.  Immerse yourself in the story of a great book.  Journal your thoughts.  Take a course to learn a skill.   Wake up early and cook a good breakfast and serve it breakfast-in-bed style.

Work Out/Fitness.  You can do push-ups and other exercises, without having exercising equipment, while listening to a great podcast.  Pinterest has so many great work outs.  You can click here to see some fitness routines I have pinned.  There are YouTube videos that will walk you through an entire work out.  I personally enjoy walking out on the track every evening.   Taking a deep breath in the cool evening air, is refreshing!  Decide what “floats your boat” and experiment with what makes you happy.

Experience new places.  Staycations are climbing in popularity on Pinterest, and there is a reason.  You don’t have to spend money on accommodations, but you can still have

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the same fun and affect as a vacation!  There are so many options, such as finding a local lake, water park, or color run.  Venture out of your home town and go on a vacation.  Instead of spending money on “things”, you can always save it for experiences and making memories.  (I follow this money saving chart Save $1000 in a Year Chart to put money towards a great vacation.)  There are so many other beautiful places, regions, food, culture and people to experience.   My parents went on an Alaskan cruise to see the humpback whales.  They saved and saved for this trip, but the memories are irreplaceable!  Decide what you like best to do and go for it!

How do you spend your time alone?  

The beauty of spending time alone is you can unwind, work through problems, and think deeply.  It has helped me to value those people with whom I have relationships with and express how special they are to me when I am with them.  They always say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  Well, it does!

Thank you for all of your support!!  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful community of readers!

Happy solo memory-making to you!!



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12 thoughts on “The Only Guide You Ever Need For Spending Time Alone

  1. Girl! Fantastic post!! I have a lot of alone time besides side hustling but I usually write, read, watch an old western, make some hot tea or cookies. When I drive I go to my family owned coffee shop and just stare at the railroad and think of the people that lived there before me and the people that surround me all milling around on Main street. Alone time can be miserable or you can make it fun. I am currently alone, eating a fabulous home cooked meal and catching up on blog reading! This is fun to me:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a fabulous way to spend your time!! Nothing like a home cooked meal, westerns, hot tea!! You’ve listed all the best ones…blog reading is the best of the best haha 🙂 …that should be added to the list. Thank for taking the time to write something special!!

      Liked by 1 person

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