10 Ways to Resale Old Clothes to Afford the New Ones You Have Dreamed About

Have you started your back-to-school teacher shopping?” a friend asked me last week.  She sighed.  “I need to re-sale some of my kids’ outfits so I have about $200-$300 to go buy some new ones.  That’s how I survive every year with back-to-school shopping!”  I thought, “You go, girl!  Way to make the most of your money!”

Back-to-school shopping.   It’s a mountain to scale every year.   Just like the mom I spoke about at the beginning of this article millions of moms, and let’s not forget, dads, are heading to retail store right about now to stock up on school supplies, back packs, sports equipment, and clothes.   Teachers reach into their wardrobe and restock preppy and comfortable clothing for long days on their feet.   Coaches stock up on the best athletic work wear.  Professors make sure they have an appropriate dress shirt, suit, and tie.  College students realize that their college semester is only weeks away and look at the newest and trendiest.

In all of the buzz, sometimes there are only clothes you can dream about.   Sometimes a new closet just seems impossible and unpractical.  There are bills to be paid, textbooks and school supplies that consume half the paycheck, and food to put on the table.   No wonder the typical college student look is jeans and a t-shirt!!

Around mid July to the beginning of August starts my re-stocking of my closet.  As I have moved on to a different place, and so, a different school, dress codes change.  My previous school that I taught at had a more relaxed dress code.  We could wear jeans Wednesdays and Fridays, as long as we wore either a school or college t-shirt.   What I have noticed at my new job is that dress is taken a little more seriously, and that you are expected to look a part.  No more t-shirt looks for me!  So what have I done now that I am having re-think what I wear to work Can I resale my old clothes that I keep hanging on to, to afford the ones I am only dreaming about?  The answer is “Yes,” and for very little work as well.  Here’s from the TX gal who used to make around $300 a month selling those old clothes to trade for cash!!

1. Find a resale shop in your area that buys used clothes and resales them.  In my area, Plato’s Closet and Style Encore are great options!   You simply pack up the bag and take it in to them.  Sometimes there is a 30 minute wait as they look through your clothes and select certain ones to buy from you.  I have made $50-$120 doing this.  Consignment shops are some other ways of reselling as well.

2.  Sell your used clothes on Ebay.  Ebay buyers are hot for name brands, even if they are used!!   Justice, PINK, and Miss Me Jeans, for example, will sale!  Until my work as a teacher became too hectic and time-consuming, I used to run a business where I bought old clothes to resale on Ebay.  My profit could range from $100-$500, depending on the months of sale.   For me, that was some serious extra cash!  Shopping at the mall actually became a reality.

3.  Send your clothes to Thredup or Grailed and let them buy from you.  I have personally never used this option, but I have heard from sellers who have and done very well.  Simply choose the clothes you want to send and mail them.  They will let you know from there!  Grailed is aimed specifically at reselling men’s clothing.

4.  Have a garage sale.  Personally, I have found this is the way to make great extra cash!  As long as you advertise well, put up signs that direct the buyer straight to your street, and greet people with a smile and a “hello!”  as they come in, you will do well with a garage sale.  I hung all of my clothes on a clothes rack and I sold almost $250 on clothes alone this way.

5.  Let your friends shop your closet.  Do you have a friend who is dying for that Nordstrom shirt you wore last year?  Open your closet up for shop.   I am sure they will be excited to wear something stylish for cheaper, even if it is used.  I know a friend who had a lot of cute shirts she posted for sale on Facebook.  If I remember right, she sold every one!

6.  Sell Via Social Media Platforms. There are so many social media sites nowadays to spread the word about any topic. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Poshmark are some of the many options.  Likely your followers will be excited to have a chance to peek into your closet.

7.  Sell Through Online Groups.  Join your local online Facebook Garage Sale Group.  All you have to do is take a picture, post the description, and a group member  will comment or contact you if they are interested.  I know a friend who does well with cleaning out her closet this way.  She had a customer drive 30 minutes just to pick up some name brand shoes she wanted to buy from her!

8.  Host a Clothing Swap.  If you have a group of friends who have similar styles and sizes, this might be a fun way of picking up some new clothes in exchange for your old ones.  I know a church who did this very successfully and all the girls had a blast.  There were so many clothes to choose from!

9. Sell on Craigslist.  Find your local Craigslist area online and list your clothes.  Craigslist has one of the easiest forms to fill out when it comes to listing!

10.  Set up a Roadside Clothing Stand.  While this may only be a Texas thing, I do know someone who has sold some nice vintage leather jackets and jewelry simply by opening the back of their suburban and putting up a sign, very similar to a roadside fruit stand.  I actually purchased a pretty piece of jewelry this way by bartering with the owner.  You can do the same with your clothing/handbags/shoes/jewelry. Make sure your clothes are clean and washed and presentable!

So reach into your closet and find those clothes you keep hanging on to and use one of these ways to resale!  They might be another person’s treasure!

Which option have you used?  Do you have clothes you still hang on to in your closet like I do?  Do you ever consider reselling them? How is your back-to-school shopping going?  Feel free to comment below.

Many happy reselling days to you!



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10 thoughts on “10 Ways to Resale Old Clothes to Afford the New Ones You Have Dreamed About

  1. Great Post! I usually buy thrifted items to wear and resell to a consignment shop then use the store credit to freshen up my wardrobe. Since I am home bound by doctors orders, I am having a clothing and home decor, random item swap! I am so excited and not a dime spent! Good luck with your new job, just a bit of girly advice fresh clean hair and a swipe of lipstick or gloss goes a long way:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Grace, Thank you and super excited to read your comment here. I appreciate the compliment about the website page so much…it has taken many hours of work and I wanted to center it around a happy color….and you noticed the idea around the “theme”!! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


  2. I sell most of my used clothes on Poshmark, it is super easy to do and they have made it really simple to ship out too. I have made a lot of money that way and you can score some killer deals on there also, It used to be for just women’s clothing but they have now added men and children’s clothing as well. i used to sell on Ebay too, but I find Poshmark to be easier. 🙂


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