My West Texas Voice

Hello readers!  I hope you are having a wonderful week!  Lately I have made a discovery about my blog that has completely changed the way I work on it.  I have a famous blogger to thank for that!  If you ever want a positive or happy inspiration for your blogging, read some bloggers who have been at it for 5 years or so.  They will have some fabulous experience and fun ideas that you can draw from.

I’ve been reading PW’s Ten Important Things I’ve Learned About Blogging. Pioneer Woman, in case you don’t know who that is.  She writes, in a very entertaining way, about speaking in your own voice.  Being yourself.

That’s what I think has been missing on this blog.  I’ve been so fixated on whether my content is pristine, my points are there, my title is following the formula, and my pictures are worthy of Pinterest, that my voice has been lost in the shuffle.  I need an ice cream sundae of all of these things, with my voice as the cherry on top.  Venturing outside of the “rules” for bloggers can be fun and exciting.

My life has piles of dirty dishes in the sink, dust in the corners of the baseboards, laundry by the pound…a closet with Christmas decor falling out of it, YES, I love Christmas decor.  NO, I don’t need any more of it! Lol.

My life has the dirt and dust of West Texas, tumbleweeds rolling on the road, and a hick Texas accent.  It’s a perfect picture West Texas country mess.  I too fuss about whether I will be able to fit into my pants come the start of teaching school.  I love French Fries, ice cream, and anything with butter.  I wish I could consistently stick to the Paleo diet, but I don’t.  My life is not organized out perfectly. I don’t work out enough to be fit and skinny.  My pictures are not always model worthy.  I have good days and bad days.  The good moments make it magical. I say hick things like, “howdy” and “ya’ll”.  It’s who I am.

Welcome to my journey!

Love ya’ll folks!


7 thoughts on “My West Texas Voice

  1. Yes!!! You go girl! I was just thinking of this. I have felt boxed but may the unboxing begin. There is only one of each of us. Let that voice through!

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  2. Good thoughts! People try to tell me I need to refine my blog a bit. But then it wouldn’t be me, it would be someone else. I admit, my blog is different, but that’s what I wanted, to be me. Not someone else. Oh well. Keep up the great posts.


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