Tour Through Texas Ranching

Good morning, readers!   I hope your morning is off to a great start!  A few weeks ago when I wrote The Only Guide You Ever Need For Spending Time Alone , I talked about doing an upcoming post on a tour through Texas.  Here it is, ya’ll.   If you love chic, old places, want to know where Texans come from, or are an avid history buff, especially of ranching, this post is for you!  Introducing, the National Ranching Heritage Center.

The cowboy, a Texas legend.  IMG_20180728_143250Windmills.  Also a TX legend.  How would we ever survive without them?IMG_20180728_143955Let’s roll our wagon wheels through time…IMG_20180728_143605 Post office, anyone?  Pony express?  Stone and grass?  That’s the way mail first got out to West.  IMG_20180728_144451Sigh.  Gone with the Wind.  Mansions.  Balconies in the moonlight. Rose bushes.  A wrap around porch.  Elegant rooms. Need I say anymore?IMG_20180728_145131My Dallas cap and this truck.  A usual Texas combo.  Why am I wearing a Dallas cap in Hub City?  Well maybe, just maybe, I’m a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.IMG_20180728_145831As a teacher, I can’t imagine teaching here.  Grades Kinder-12.  One teacher per classroom.  But then I can!  The amazing part is:  there are actually windows!  Taking the kids “outside” is a teacher’s oyster.  Imagine everything the kids could learn.IMG_20180728_144942Boarding the train on the 3-10 to Yuma.  I grew up watching cowboy westerns…John Wayne and you name it.  My dad loved them.  Somewhere along the way, whenever I see a train with a steam engine,  I remember the old black and white film and the lonely cowboy singing about the “3-10 to Yuma.”  Do you ever do that with memories and movies and songs?  Or maybe that’s just me.IMG_20180728_150042

IMG_20180728_150447The pioneers who ventured out West.  They are the real heroes.  They braved the dirt and the dust, riding horses through pouring down rain.  They had no air conditioning, worked from sun-up to sun-down, lived under grass roofs, and saw some glorious sunsets descend over their hard-earned toil.  They built cattle empires and plowed through miles of dirt to plant their fields.   IMG_20180728_150641

The working cattle ranches and small town farmers of West Texas still reflect the endurance and love of this part of the state.    If you are ever out this way, this museum is a great place to stop.  The experts there have entertained guests from all over the world and love seeing some new faces pop in.

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As always you lovely readers make my day with your comments.

overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says:I would love to be in your class. Your students are so lucky to have you as a teacher.”

Thank you so much for saying that.  With the school year starting up, it means so much to me!

Regarding Sunrise, Sunset, Rachel writes, “What a happy little reminder to enjoy the beauty around me as I set off for work! Thanks for sharing!”

You are welcome, Rachel.  Many happy such moments to you!

Magic In The Everyday says about Chair Reupholster DIY Project–Guest Post, “What an amazing transformation!”

Thank you for your positivity and love on this blog!

Tony Burgess adds to 10 Ways to Resale Old Clothes to Afford the New Ones You Have Dreamed About, “What you have left over could go to charity too.”

Great idea, Tony!  Thank you for adding to the list.

Eric Men writes, “Of course there is also always getting on WordPress and reading people’s posts😉”

The best way to spend time, Eric!  Your comment made me smile.

Many happy journeys to you,




13 thoughts on “Tour Through Texas Ranching

  1. Wow, thank you for the tour. Sigh, it makes me so nostalgic. Where is this located? I can’t imagine living in a small town like that but then agai a part of me wishes I could.

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    • You’re welcome! 🙂 This museum is the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock. I live some miles away in a small town, but Hub City is the place to go for shopping and so on. I’ve always made the drive there since back when I was in high school. It’s the “Hub” of existence out here in West TX. Small town life makes life pretty interesting!! It’s a community feel, everyone also knows everyone else’s business, and you can’t pick up and go shopping at the drop of the hat, you literally pack up and plan what you’re going to get before you go into town!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool article! Never knew LBK had that museum. I’ve only been in town once, when I landed at the airport for fuel and also hopped over to Fazoli’s. Love that place! I have to come back soon to explore the town and see Texas Tech.


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