My Willy Wonka/Disney Classroom Makeover (With Pictures!!)

I published this post yesterday without the pictures–oops!!  My mistake.  Some of you already beat me to it with yesterday’s post and posted a comment, even though there were no pictures.  Thank you for that!!   Here is the right version–hopefully with everything in tact.   Let me know if for some reason you can’t see everything.  Last week I promised a classroom reveal in the Sneak Peek of My Music Classroom.

An empty classroom is like a blank canvas.  Where do you start?  There is so much golden opportunity to be found!  I am lucky to still have props from previous Disney and Willy Wonka musicals.

Over and over, I watched my very special teacher’s aide (God bless teacher’s aides!)  make magic from glitter, glue, paint and cardboard.  I bought the supplies and she handcrafted them.  Sometimes I helped and sometimes she said “shoooo, go away, it’s my turn!”  That means, though that as she did not want to keep the props, I got to tote them along with me to my new place.  My classroom theme this year, became a Willy Wonka/Disney makeover.

I try to keep my classroom as simple as possible, just because I feel like the kiddos become too absorbed in reading everything hanging on the walls, instead of focusing on the most important thing in the room: learning.  That’s just me, though.  There are so many multiple ways to decorate, very effectively, to accommodate every teacher’s learning style.  I also try to spend as little $$$ as I can.  I just don’t enjoy spending money on a place I don’t spend my evenings.  Most of what you see in the pictures was handcrafted from cardboard, glitter, and glue, or was found at the Dollar Tree or among the cast-a-ways at the thrift store.IMG_20180820_161049

Here are my “must-haves” for my classroom:

  • Coffee maker (I HAVE to have this to wake up in the morning)
  • A essential oil diffuser…it keeps the smells and stench away
  • Reminders to be the best teacher ever…for those days when my feathers get ruffled by little brains and I get a little worn out and “overworked” 😉
  • Stuffed animals…what kid does not enjoy hugging a stuffed animal?
  • Glitter….I leave a trail of glitter wherever I go…the poor custodial staff.
  • A circle in the room for the kids to walk on made of tape, going from the door into the classroom….that way my students know exactly where to walk.
  • Something of interest for the kids to ask me about…it’s good for them to ask some questions!
  • A cabby to hold all of the loose tools on my desk
  • Lights…I personally love Christmas lights & the kids light up when the “lights” go off and there are still lights on the wall.  I have heard so many “ooh’s” and “ah’s” from excited kids when they see candy lights!!
  • Kid friendlyIMG_20180820_161714

I try to make my room feel as little like a classroom as possible, and more like a home environment.   The students seem to feel more comfortable, and I am happier to roll out of bed in the morning and make the drive over to my work if I am looking forward to seeing my room.  Maybe I’m a little quirky that way, but it seems to work well!!

That’s why I hid the medal filing cabinets, desk, and bones of the back of the piano in paper “wood” from Hobby Lobby.IMG_20180820_161247


IMG_20180820_161517My little “something of interest.”IMG_20180820_161132One of the custodial staff asked me when they saw the tape,  “Is that the road to find the golden ticket?”  After thinking about it, yes!  IMG_20180820_161418



What are your “must-haves” for your room…bedroom, living room, work cubical, office???

Featured comments of the week:

Regarding Tour Through Texas Ranching, AJ says:Glad to see you’re enjoying every moment of the holiday as we’ll all be back in the classroom soon!”

Yes, every moment from summer is special before back-to-school fever hits!!  Thank you for your comments and positivity!!

In reference to My West Texas VoiceThe Fashioned Woman writes, “Yes!!! You go girl! I was just thinking of this. I have felt boxed but may the unboxing begin. There is only one of each of us. Let that voice through!”

You said it so well!  I am so grateful for all of your amazing comments here!!

Many happy makeovers to you!




16 thoughts on “My Willy Wonka/Disney Classroom Makeover (With Pictures!!)

  1. What a fun room! I love the “wood” look you created with your desk. Definitely a kid-friendly place. Please consider an update post if you change anything throughout the school year!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello, Rachel! For sure I will do an update post! I am planning to make 1 or 2 signs about Disney with a chic distressed wood finish and glitter, I just haven’t had the time for DIY project.. life gets busy when school starts. When I finally make those and hang them up, I will take some pictures and give an update. Thank you for the great idea!!


  2. That’s great that you have the freedom to personalize your classroom the way you want it. You don’t have to share it with anyone else?
    I always found it weird that teachers spend their own money. Absolutely ridiculous. That should be provided by the school.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, it is solely my classroom. You hit the nail on the head there….I agree with you 200%!! Some schools are able to provide supplies, but many times teachers end up bearing the brunt of buying their own supplies. Unfortunate, but true!!

      Liked by 1 person

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