What I Wear to Work

Hello, readers.  I hope you are having a great week!  The first week of school has come and gone successfully–whew!   It’s always a little rough.  By the end of the week, all of the students understand the routine and expectations (hopefully!!).  We are already learning the National Anthem with my older students.  There are so many ginormous words in the song that I always sit down during one lesson and tell them the story behind it.  Then they want to sing it all the time because they know what the words mean!!   With 45 minute class times, I am also big into brain breaks.  The kids will put their heart and soul into learning if they know a reward is coming in the form of dancing, singing, and rapping away…i.e. the Learning Station.   Their “brain break” is all about music and they don’t even realize it!!   Exciting times!

I’ve talked before about the importance of taking care of myself as a teacher.  One of the most important things for me is what I wear to work.  I am sure many of you will understand!  We each have our own needs for our professions.  I need to feel comfortable for all of the miles I walk in the classroom and feel professional for all of the parents and students who walk through my door.   I thought I would share two of my outfits today.  If you can’t tell, I really enjoy re-wearing items often, carry the same purse almost every day (I’m too tired to change out purses!), and wear thrift store clothing often.  I am working on improving the quality of my photos.  They will get better, I promise!!



Secondhand Store Tunic ($3.25), GAP skinny jeans (Clearance-$20), Charlotte Russe sandals ($12.95), Secondhand Store Calvin Klein purse ($39.99)


Charlotte Russe Blazer (Clearance-$9.99), Secondhand Store Vince Camuto striped shirt ($15) worn previously in this blog post, GAP jeans, ($20), Charlotte Russe sandals  (same as in previous picture) ($12.95)

Comments of the Week

There are always so many great comments…how do I even begin to choose??  You are always so wonderful!!  If you don’t see your comment here, keep commenting away,  I will be sure to tag you next time!

Daily Dose of Whimsy says:This is so cute! As a kid I remember my teachers having posters hanging all around the room. And it’s true! I would zone out reading them over and over! I think your room looks so fun! You’ve got a great creative eye!”

Thank you ever so much! You really made my day with this compliment.  Thank you for commenting!

TammyB writes: “Yes! I must have a coffee maker! Oil diffuser too. When I moved rooms I didn’t put up my twinkle lights…I need to put them back up! Great post!”

Thanks Tammy for writing that!  You know what I mean about all of those cups of hot coffee!

overthehillontheyellowbrickroad comments: “I love your glitter trail idea!”

You can never have enough glitter, can you?!!  🙂

Have a wonderful day to all of you!!




28 thoughts on “What I Wear to Work

  1. Very Cute! If it is not asking too much can you add the prices of what you paid for each item? I just nerd out to that. I am like, looking amazingly better knowning you paid low second hand prices!

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    • Sure, I went ahead and added it in the post! I had thought about it earlier but just wasn’t sure how much detail to include. If you love second hand prices you would probably enjoy the blog http://www.thrivingsimply.com. The blogger only shops secondhand and thrift stores and shows how she styles them together and what prices she gets them for! Thanks for your positivity always here and for commenting! Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  2. Omg I just saw that in your last pic (love the blazer, obviously, lol), but do we have the exact same gold snake necklace?!?! I think I’m wearing it in one of the pics in my post about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And maybe others too! It seriously looks exactly the same! I haven’t seen another one like it before 😍😍👊🏻👊🏻

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    • Hi! I SO wish we did…I LOVE Nordstrom and have a few pieces of clothing from there. This one is from JCPenney at a closeout sale. It is gold plated…if I remember right, so great eye!! Speaking of Nordstrom, I love their anniversary sales!! It sounds like you do, too?? 🙂


      • Yes, it literally looks exactly the same. The manager from the Accessories Dept brought it up to me one day a while ago while I was working upstairs. She knew I loved edgy jewelry. I was like, “omg, where did that come from?!” She said “we only got 1 piece, and I knew you’d like it!” I said “Sold, I’ll take it!”, not even knowing the price lol. It was reasonable, so it was a great find. I’m wearing it in one of my pics on my post about the Nordy Anniversary Sale. We obviously both have excellent taste, with our love of blazers and now jewelry! 😉💕

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